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Apple patents “smart” lenses for its “smart glasses” Apple Glass



Apple has filed a new application for patent in the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), titled Display System with Localized Optical Settings.

The idea is that the lenses, using a sensor, adjust to the ambient light, making images of the real world lighter or darker. Apple claims that the brightness of the “real object” can be reduced to make the subject more visible through glasses. The type of object is adjusted according to the brightness of the real world. By adjusting each lens in this way, you can independently make changes to the image for the left and right eyes.

The function is curious, and it is not yet completely clear how exactly this will be implemented. According to Apple’s plans, the new smart glasses should become very popular in the world, and even squeeze the iPhone in popularity. The main feature of the new device is access to all the functions of a smartphone, without having to constantly carry the phone in your hands. The statement is bold, the plans are grandiose. It remains to wait for Apple Glass and find out the price.

A source: gizmochina

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