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Apple patents iPhone with self-healing screen




At the moment, the new iPhone 12 has not yet been released, as information about the iPhone, which the manufacturer will present to us next year, begins to circulate on the network. The information about the new Apple patent, the application for which was filed yesterday, has got publicly available. And no, this time the manufacturer has patented something really interesting. This patent shows us the idea of ​​a foldable smartphone from Apple, the main feature of which will be the presence of the so-called “self-healing” display lid.

It will have to allow the device to independently repair various small dents and minor scratches that may appear on the screen during use. It sounds really interesting and futuristic. The very same corporation Apple wrote in this patent application that the display used in the proposed concept of a smartphone can indeed allow the device to repair itself. It is not yet known how, when exactly and under what conditions this “self-repair” will be carried out, but it can be assumed that this will happen automatically while the device is being charged.

Well, the restoration itself, perhaps, will be carried out either due to the heat generated during charging, light, or all the same electric current. Anyway, another interesting point of the patent is the mention that the screen coating of a potential device may hypothetically include a layer of elastomer, a material that can lose and restore its own shape in order to protect the sensitive internal mechanisms of the device. And in general, the combination of all the solutions listed above can make the screen of a conventional folding iPhone one of the most breakthrough, technological and reliable.

At least I really want to believe in this. Potentially, the idea of ​​a self-restoring screen could be the impetus for the popularization of foldable smartphones. Today, there are two reasons why folding devices have not yet become a mass phenomenon, namely the extremely high cost and relatively low reliability. And although Apple clearly cannot help with the first, but this technical giant can cope with increasing the reliability and durability of such devices. Let’s hope this patent doesn’t turn out to be one that Apple never plans to implement.


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