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Apple Patented Biometric Authentication Headphones



Recently it became known about a new patent from the tech giant Apple, which describes headphones with biometric authentication functionality. The USPTO has published information about this patent online. It is worth saying that the patent device can recognize “silent speech” for headset interaction.

As planned by tech giant Apple, this headset will be equipped with a variety of sensors. They will allow the device to recognize the owner’s voice. In addition, such headphones will be able to provide the execution of voice commands, as well as “silent” control. It should be said that the recognition of “silent” speech implies that the device will be able to recognize inaudible words. Such words are formed by the user’s jaw and tongue, while they are uttered absolutely silently. In other words, the sensors of the new headphones will be able to detect changes in a person’s face, as well as recognize various commands.

At the same time, such headphones will receive a special processor that can store the so-called voice patterns. In addition, such AirPods will be able to use various algorithms so that the biometric authentication system can better recognize the user’s voice. Unfortunately, at the moment, nothing else is known about this patent. At the same time, it should be said that the patent does not mean that the tech giant Apple is going to release headphones with such technology in the near future.

Source: gizmochina

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