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Apple partners to spend $ 900 million to develop manufacturing in India in the next five years




Apple manufacturing partners plan to expand production in India. According to the latest reports, companies such as Wistron, Pegatron and Foxconn are planning to invest about $ 900 million in the country.

A Reuters report says Apple’s suppliers plan to benefit from the government’s Manufacturing Incentive Program in India (PLI). According to the report, Foxconn has applied for an investment of $ 542 million, while Wistron and Pegatron are planning to invest $ 176 million and $ 162 million, respectively. The range of devices that will be manufactured in India is still unknown. In addition, Wistron plans to increase production of the iPhone SE at its existing facilities to 400,000 units per month by the end of this year. According to preliminary estimates, this will create about 10,000 jobs.

There is nothing surprising in the current situation. In the wake of the tense relationship between the United States and China, Apple began to consider the possibility of transferring the production of its devices to other countries. By the way, Wistron started production of the original iPhone SE in India back in 2017.


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