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Apple may launch MagSafe case for charging iPhone and AirPods

by Henry Brown

In a published patent application, Apple discovered a MagSafe case that can charge not only a smartphone, but also a pair of AirPods. This follows almost immediately after the announcement of a redesign of the charger brand for the iPhone 12 line.

The application was submitted in August last year, but it was published only yesterday:

“Additional accessories for portable electronic devices are described here. Such a gadget may include a port for charging, as well as a cover that is designed to protect the face of the device. In addition, the accessory can have a built-in battery for recharging the smartphone and auxiliary devices using an induction coil. “


One illustration from the patent shows something similar to an existing Smart Battery Case that charges an iPhone through the Lightning port. The other picture shows MagSafe charging.

The two patent illustrations show clearly the AirPods holders attached to the case. It can be an integral part of the case or a magnetic mount. One of the pictures shows the holder at the top of the case, and the other shows it from the side.


It is not yet known if Apple will bring the patented product to market. The company patents many different ideas that don’t always end up reaching users. We believe the recently announced MagSafe range of accessories will be hugely popular. We’re probably seeing the birth of an assistive device ecosystem right now.

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