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Apple kicks out Epic Games from the App Store




Apple released an official statement, in which the company confirmed the information spread on the web that the Epic Games account has been completely removed from the App Store, and also expressed its disappointment in this regard.

We are disappointed that we had to delete our Epic Games account from the App Store. We’ve been working with the Epic Games team for many years to launch their new games. The court recommended that Epic adhere to the App Store rules they followed for the last decade until they created this situation. Epic Games refused. Instead, they release Fortnite updates that violate App Store policies. This is unfair to other developers in the App Store. We hope we can work together again in the future, but unfortunately this is not possible today.


Epic no longer has the ability to publish game updates through its developer account, and in-app purchases in the Fortnite app will no longer be available to Fortnite players.Apple says the deletion of the Epic Games developer account occurred after the company was given 14 days to return to App Store compliance. The company added that deleting an Epic Games account is a standard process for all accounts that ignore App Store policies.

Epic Games confirmed earlier this week that it has no plans to return to Apple’s payment system, and added that Fortnite players on Apple devices will not be able to try out the latest Marvel-themed content.

It also became known why Apple is not afraid of losing Fortnite and Epic Games.


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