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Apple is suing iPhone recycling company, selling devices instead of recycling them




Apple is suing GEEP Canada, a recycling company. Since 2015, a contract has been signed between them, according to which GEEP will recycle iPhones, iPads and watches. As stated in the lawsuit, Apple found out that some of the devices were sold and not scrapped. This is reported by Apple Insider.

According to the company, about one hundred thousand iPhones were resold in total. At the same time, the wording is quite specific: GEEP Canada stole one hundred thousand devices from Apple. And this is logical: first Apple paid for the recycling, and then GEEP raised money in the second round, putting the iPhones up for sale.

However, GEEP disagreed with this wording and filed a counterclaim. The company does not deny the fact of resale, but states that the devices were not sold on its behalf. Three unnamed employees are to blame. At the same time, according to Apple, these three people are senior leaders of GEEP.

This behavior of GEEP is understandable: it is enough to fire three employees and bring them to justice. In this case, the company will be pure and innocent in the eyes of the public.

Apple filed a lawsuit in January 2020, GEEP filed a counterclaim in July, and the litigation is only now revealed.

Apple is trying to handle a lot of processes itself, including recycling. But so far the company does not have the capacity required to fully control the process. Therefore, some of the devices are sent for recycling to other companies. According to Apple, from January 2015 to December 2017, the company transferred almost 532,000 iPhones, about 26,000 iPads and more than 19,000 watches to GEEP for recycling. Some devices, according to Apple, were stored separately in GEEP. Apparently, those three employees just thought that it would be better to give them.


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