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Apple is starting to consider taking the Xiaomi route and offering iPhone 12 with included charger



A new trend has emerged in the mobile world, in which smartphone manufacturers, for some reason (in general, they talk about ecology, carbon footprints, care, and so on), do not put chargers in the delivery kits of smartphones. It all started with Apple, which we all scolded many times for such impudence. And the rest of the big brands decided to play a trick in their time, but changed their shoes pretty quickly, because Xiaomi does not want to complete smartphones with chargers. There, and Samsung will not go far (we will wait for the release in January and find out everything for sure).

However, Xiaomi understands that buyers will not be entirely happy with the fact that they have taken away the charging from the flagship smartphone, which starts at $ 610. And therefore, in the first month after the start of sales, Xiaomi offers us a choice: either we buy a smartphone without charging in a bundle for $ 610, or, if you want, you will have a gallium nitride power adapter, but you will have to pay another cent from above. And in a month all this will end altogether, and all smartphones without exception will be without charging. Yes, this is how our life will go now. Soon there will be more smartphones without batteries, because you need to take care of the environment and all that.

Apple is starting to consider taking the Xiaomi route and offering iPhone 12 with included charger

By the way, Xiaomi already has sales statistics, as more than 350 thousand smartphones were sold during the first day of sales. And then it turned out that more than 20 thousand buyers took the Xiaomi Mi 11 without charging. This is about 6% of the total. Therefore, the decision is still controversial. Return charging! Looking at all this splendor, Apple also decided to make a knight’s move. And now Apple CEO Tim Cook published a Happy New Year greeting yesterday, again talked about security, peace, a healthy planet, and so on.

In response to this wonderful congratulation, one of the users in the comments suggested that the apple office follow the Chinese path and do it like Xiaomi, that is, give the opportunity to choose. The proposal was considered, but so far Apple has not given any official comments on this matter. Let’s hope that after all, the giant from Cupertino will come to its senses and stop selling chargers separately at the price of a Chinese state employee, and will give the opportunity to buy a new iPhone 12 immediately with a power adapter.

Source: GizmoChina

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