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Apple is considering nano-textured glass like Pro Display XDR in upcoming iPhones and iPads




According to a recently discovered patent application, Apple is investigating the use of nano-textured glass, which was first introduced with the Pro Display XDR, on the iPhone and iPad to protect displays to improve anti-reflective properties. Recall that the company used a similar glass in the 27-inch iMac 2020.

The images in the patent application mainly show an iPad-like device, although it is indicated that the technology could be applied to mobile phones, laptops, tablets, portable media players and other devices. The essence of the technology described in the patent is to install a glass element with a textured surface over the display.

The main focus of the application is on glass etching methods. Both chemical and reactive ion etching, which can be combined with lithography, are considered. However, the implementation of the technology is associated with serious engineering problems. The large surface area may make your device more prone to scratches. Apple suggests that this problem can be minimized by using a special cloth to wipe the screen, but this is unlikely to protect the iPhone, the use of which involves frequent carry in pockets, sometimes next to keys and coins.

Apparently, due to unresolved technical nuances, this technology will not appear in end devices soon.

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