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Apple is changing the shipping policy for its products purchased through the site

by Henry Brown

Suddenly, and without warning, Apple changed the way it has been delivering purchases over the years. As you may know, if you order any device from Apple, then it will be delivered to you straight from the production plant. That is, from China. However, due to a number of reasons, among which, of course, there is a global coronavirus pandemic, the corporation has decided that it will now deliver purchases differently.

However, these changes will only apply to customers who live only in the United States of America and Canada. In any case, the change lies in the fact that at the moment when this change is fully implemented, which will happen with the release of the new iPhone 12, the tech giant will use its own Apple Store network for deliveries. That is, in fact, they will, to some extent, turn into a kind of storage facilities and “fulfillment centers”, from where products will be delivered. The advantages of this solution can hardly be overestimated, because buyers will be able to receive their gadgets and devices several times faster.

According to Bloomberg, Apple will use nearly 300 of its own Apple Stores in both the US and Canada to expedite shipping. However, it is worth clarifying that delivery from the Apple Store will be carried out only if the buyer is within a radius of 160 kilometers from the nearest store. And by the way, the company actually started using this delivery system in several stores at the beginning of this year, but its widespread implementation will only take place, as mentioned above, with the release of the new iPhone, which will be presented next week.

Bloomberg argues that this change is mostly internal in nature, and therefore buyers, unfortunately, will not be able to choose the point from which their devices will be shipped. But in any case, using your own retail stores as points of delivery is a very correct move, since customers will be able to get new iPhones and not only into their hands much faster than now. Perhaps over time, this practice will be carried out in European countries where Apple Stores are present, but so far no one is talking about this.

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