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Apple has figured out how to make smartphones as durable as possible

by Henry Brown


It is assumed that the iPhone 12 line uses the Gorilla Glass Victus, thanks to which the smartphone with a high degree of probability can remain intact and not shatter when dropped from a height of up to two meters. For Apple, this is not the limit, the company is developing a new protective coating with which its devices will be even more durable.

There are few details about this innovation yet. It is only known that Apple is going to apply a thin diamond coating over Corning glass. This will solve several problems at once: first of all, the smartphone will be as shock-resistant as possible, and what is more important – it will be able to effectively resist scratches and chips.

According to rumors, Apple has already ordered samples of the glass surface protection system from several companies. Among them there are aluminosilicate glasses with diamond-like coatings. Diamond glass is widely used in the watch industry – many watch models receive such a coating to protect the dial.

The fragility of modern smartphones is a very big problem. In 2018, SquareTrade conducted a study and found that the most common form of smartphone damage is a cracked screen, followed by a scratched screen and a failed battery. In 2017, 50 million mobile device screens were broken in the US alone, and $ 3.4 billion was spent on repairs. In addition, research shows that the likelihood of theft is six times lower than that of a smartphone being damaged.

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