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Apple Fitness + for those who like to exercise at home and do it in a variety of ways




In addition to watches and tablets, Apple also introduced a completely new service – Fitness +. As you can understand, it is associated with sports. And first of all with sports at home.

So, the new service, like the rest of Apple’s services, is available on different devices. It will be part of the Fitness app on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. However, unlike other services, Apple Fitness + has its main device – a smartwatch.

It is the watch, through its sensors, that receives all the data about your workouts and synchronizes it all with the application for the devices listed above.

The main example of using the service, which Apple demonstrated at the presentation, is to turn on a video with a workout on a smartphone, tablet or TV, and repeat everything after the coach. At this time, the watch reads heart rate data and counts the burned calories. In this case, you can turn on music from Apple Music.

As part of the service, users have access to numerous video training sessions with the participation of well-known trainers. Of course, there are only a few types of workouts. More precisely, there are ten of them: yoga, cycling, dancing, walking and running on a treadmill, strength training, abs workouts, plyometric workouts, rowing and some relaxation workouts. Apple notes that the service will be updated with new workouts every week, so for people who like to work out at home and do it in a variety of ways, Apple Fitness + is almost ideal.

Apple Fitness + - for those who like to exercise at home and do it in a variety of ways

A monthly subscription is $ 10, an annual subscription is $ 80. The service will only be available in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand. Apple Fitness + is also available as part of the Apple One subscription.


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