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Apple fired a top manager who was bullied by other employees



Apple fired senior manager Ashley Gjovik for allegedly violating the company’s privacy policy. For several months, Gjövik has tweeted openly about harassment, surveillance, and workplace safety issues.

When I started raising the issue of workplace safety in March and faced harassment and intimidation almost immediately, I began to prepare for what would happen that way. I am disappointed that the company that I have loved since childhood treated its employees this way.

Ashley Gjovik

She stated that she faced harassment and bullying from her supervisor and team members. Most recently, she began raising privacy issues related to Apple’s policies on how the company can control employees’ work phones.

Apple executives told Gjövik that the company is dealing with a sensitive intellectual property issue and wants to speak to her within an hour. Gjovik said she would like to keep all communications in writing and noted that she forwards correspondence to the National Labor Relations Office (NLRB). After that, her access to the Apple system was suspended. A few hours later, Gjövik received an email announcing her resignation from Apple.

Apple commented on the situation at The Verge’s request: “We have always been deeply committed to creating and maintaining a positive and inclusive workplace. We take all issues of concern seriously and thoroughly investigate every case a problem arises, and out of respect for the privacy of all involved, we do not discuss specific employee issues. ”


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