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Apple finds new supplier of mini-LED displays for iPad and Mac

by Henry Brown


According to new data from analyst Min-Chi Kuo, Apple has found a new supplier of mini-LED displays that will be installed in upcoming iPads and Macs.

It is known that Sanan Optoelectronics has passed all the necessary tests and will begin to produce displays for future iPads and Macs next year. Kuo also says that Apple was able to negotiate a serious price cut: since the competition is strong and everyone wants to work with Apple, Sanan Optoelectronics will sell displays for $ 45, which is $ 30-40 below market price.

What is the advantage of mini-LED displays over OLED?

Mini-LED displays are brighter, more contrasty, richer and more energy efficient. Also, displays of this type are not subject to fading, OLED and AMOLED displays suffer from this. Plus, mini-LED displays are thinner, which means you can install a larger battery or make the device thinner.

Kuo previously said that next year there will be at least six devices with mini-LED displays: a 14-inch MacBook Pro, an updated MacBook Pro 16, an iMac with a new design, and three iPads (iPad Pro 12.9, iPad 10.2 and iPad mini 7.9).

What about IPS displays?

The company is not going to abandon them – at least, they will definitely install them in smartphones: Sharp will become the largest supplier of LCD displays for the iPhone in the next three to five years. According to rumors, the iPhone line 12, all devices will have OLED-displays, but do not forget that in the arsenal of the company have available iPhone SE, which comes with IPS-screen TV. Apparently, Apple has big plans for the SE line and will use simpler matrices to reduce the cost.

At the moment, the main suppliers of LCDs for Apple are LGD, JDI and Sharp, but next year the cooperation with LGD will be discontinued: there is no need for so many LCD screens.

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