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Apple faces shortage of power management ICs for iPhone 12



Apple Inc. is short of chips that control power consumption in iPhones and other mobile devices. This casts doubt on its ability to meet demand for the latest version of the Apple gadget.

Trade restrictions and supply chain disruptions due to Covid-19 are the main reasons for the shortages, Bloomberg reports, citing informed sources. According to sources, in the next two quarters, supply disruptions of components will continue.

Power management is vital for the latest iPhone, given the advanced camera features and 5G capabilities. Bloomberg points out that Apple obtains power management chips for the iPhone 12 from Texas Instruments Inc. Also among the suppliers of such chips are STMicroelectronics NV and Qualcomm Inc.

Earlier, Apple CEO Tim Cook has already warned potential buyers about possible delays in shipments of the iPhone 12, Mac, iPad and some Apple Watch models.

Source: bnnbloomberg

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