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Apple A14X Processor Mass Production for Future Macs Starts in Q4

by Henry Brown


According to new data from DigiTimes, mass production of the 5nm Apple A14X chips for the upcoming iPad Pro and upcoming Mac computers will begin in the fourth quarter of this year. This is an important milestone in Apple’s life, as the A14X will be the first proprietary Apple processor that the company will use in personal computers after the Intel architecture is abandoned.

Production of 5nm A14X processors will be carried out at TSMC facilities starting in the fourth quarter. According to industry sources, it is planned to produce 5-6 thousand silicon wafers monthly. TSMC last year announced a $ 25 billion investment in 5nm lithography to remain the exclusive supplier of Apple processors. It looks like the company has achieved its goal.

Recall that at the end of last month, the authoritative publication The China Times reported that the first Apple computer based on its own processor will be a 12-inch MacBook, which will be launched before the end of this year. He is predicted at least 15 hours of battery life when the battery is fully charged.


According to Bloomberg, Apple’s first ARM processors for the Mac will have 12 cores, eight of which will be high-performance and the other four will be energy-efficient.

Recall that at the WWDC 2020 developers conference Apple announced that it plans to fully switch to processors of its own design. This process will take two years.

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