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AONIC launches three new models of its wireless headphones

by Henry Brown


Wireless headphones have now become such a widespread type of accessory that we hardly have to talk about any exclusivity, especially with regard to those models that have extremely interesting functionality, but can boast of a fairly low price. However, for AONIC, the last point is clearly not a priority, but in terms of capabilities, its wireless headphones every now and then attract increased attention, including among the most demanding music lovers, for whom the slightest difference in sound can be a convincing reason to buy or not buy something. or another device – and today the company again surprised the fans.

The fact is that AONIC has decided to release not one, but three models of its new wireless headphones at once, codenamed AONIC 3, AONIC 4 and AONIC 5, each of which can offer its own unique sound format and focus on one or another sound mode. For example, the younger model AONIC 3, having not only the most compact dimensions, but also the most balanced functionality, is a universal sound option for as many users as possible, but the next model AONIC 4 is more designed for more dynamic sound scenes. thanks to the built-in hybrid audio driver technology, which combines both static and dynamic sound transitions.

And finally, the older model AONIC 5 is more intended for demanding music lovers and movie lovers, having a three-way audio driver to convey all the subtleties of sound. Moreover, each model can also be connected via a special wire.

The models cost from 200 to 450 US dollars, which, of course, can hardly be considered as a budget or even a mid-budget purchase in this segment of accessories – but do not forget the important fact that AONIC has always aimed at the most demanding and experienced users. who are ready to pay more to take advantage of a much wider functionality and sound features, not to mention some additional advantages of such a technique – it remains to wait for feedback from direct users.

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