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Anyware PhonePad is a 15.6 ” portable touchscreen monitor for PC or smartphone



Anyware PhonePad is a 15.6 ” portable touchscreen monitor that can be used as a secondary display for your laptop or Android smartphone.

The case is made of aluminum and the monitor has a wide variety of built-in ports. Users have three full-size USB-A ports, two USB-C ports, a full-size HDMI, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Many portable monitors, like the 15.6-inch Asus ZenScreen, are limited to only USB-C ports without any HDMI options.

The TPV ELECTRONICS VS230PGLW IPS panel offers crisp images with good viewing angles, but the brightness and colors leave a lot to be desired.

Overall, the Anyware PhonePad is a mid-range IPS touchscreen housed in a relatively sturdy metal case with plenty of port options. But the display can be called average.

The manufacturer plans to release the PhonePad for $ 350 this month. Notebookcheck experts considered that the monitor was not worth its price, a more detailed review in English can be read here.

Source: notebookcheck

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