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Android apps can now run on Windows 10 but …



Android apps can now run on Windows 10

Windows 10 can now run Android apps.

Two weeks ago, the flagship Galaxy Note 20 entered store shelves, during the release of which the brand’s representatives demonstrated an interesting software – “Your Phone”. Of course, there are many similar programs, but this one is interesting with the function “Android applications on PC”. After downloading and installing on a computer, the user can work without delay in any add-on of a Samsung smartphone right on the monitor.

The operating system, unfortunately, is not suitable for every – only Windows. And you must have version 10 installed with the October 2018 update. On later systems, Your Phone may also work, but stability is not guaranteed. It is worth noting that you can run only one Android application at a time.

At the moment, the installation of new items is not available to everyone, since “Your Phone” is at the testing stage. The launch dates for a wide range of users are not reported.

Android Apps on Windows 10 PC without Emulator but….



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