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Analogue is working on a new retro console



Analogue is widely known among fans of retro games and previous generation consoles as one of the most active in the development of various systems and equipment that can reproduce old games. In particular, today it became known that Analogue is preparing its next multifunctional retro console Analogue Duo, which has a really remarkable approach to playing a whole range of old formats of games and applications – it succeeds mainly due to the presence of a fairly diverse ports and reading systems inside.

In short, the new Analogue Duo retro console supports almost all old games from the NEC platform, being able to run games, including those made for the TurboGrafx-16 and PC Engine consoles, not to mention the fact that it copes perfectly with reading HuCard media. , TurboChips and, of course, CD-ROM, which provides it with a very indicative level of quality combined with an incredible level of flexibility in management.

In addition, the console supports native resolution at 1080p, which clearly does it an honor and an advantage over many similar developments, and given the fact that it supports the connection of third-party controllers and peripherals via both USB ports and wireless Bluetooth, it becomes clear that Analogue Duo may indeed become one of the highest priority and interesting consoles to acquire in a short period of time – at least when it finally comes out somewhere in the middle of next year.

It is worth noting that Analogue Duo offers something really interesting in terms of playing old games and graphics applications from the NEC platform, so you can generally expect a clear emphasis on high quality and performance – fans and connoisseurs of retro gaming will surely appreciate it. capabilities. So far, only its preliminary price of $ 30 is known, which is really a promising indicator in comparison with many other points.

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