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An eternal battery has been created. And she’s nuclear

by Henry Brown


With such a battery, you will forget about charging and stop whining about the poor autonomy of devices.

How would you feel if there was an endless source of energy inside your smartphone? Would he be able to live for a thousand years and save you from having to charge the device regularly? It seems like something fantastic and incredible, but a similar technology has already been created and the first “endless” batteries suitable for everyday use may appear within the next two years.

Nano Diamond Battery startup specialists have created a new type of battery based on beta-galvanic technology. Its main feature – the resource of work is calculated in thousands of years and it does not require “refueling”. The necessary “magic” is achieved for the light of a special battery composition, which uses a core made of recycled nuclear waste. Electric current is generated by beta radiation from a radioactive substance. The battery itself is absolutely safe for human health and the environment, because it is enclosed in a case created using synthetic diamonds. These are cheap and artificially grown diamonds in the laboratory.

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The “eternal” battery life was explained by the fact that the radioactive substance inside the core is able to remain active for a thousand years. Experimental samples of beta-galvanic batteries, created by Nano Diamond Battery, were tested by scientists at the University of Cambridge laboratory and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Tests have shown that the efficiency of such batteries is 15% higher than traditional power sources and 40% higher than other similar designs based on synthetic diamonds.

An eternal battery has been created. And she's nuclear - photo 2

The cost of such batteries is low due to the low price of nuclear waste and synthetic diamonds. In the future, they will find their application in various technologies, from wearable gadgets to electric cars or even airplanes.

Interestingly, the emergence of “eternal” batteries will lead to the fact that the industry of power supplies and chargers may simply disappear. There will be no need for power cables. Do not write off the still existing concerns about the security of the technology itself.

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Many will be wary of the prospect of having a miniature “nuclear reactor” in their pocket. With an eye to this, it is not worth waiting for the early spread of this technology. Moreover, it will take at least a couple of more years to establish the mass production of such batteries.

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