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AMD will have nothing to do with Intel’s Alder Lake processors. AMD Raphael CPU on Zen 4 architecture postponed until second half of 2022



News of important product deferrals is emerging almost every day now. At first it became known that the GeForce RTX 4000 would be released only at the end of 2022, then there was information that the new generation AMD Navi 30 video cards were also delayed, and now the same is said about AMD processors based on the Zen 4 architecture. the card talked about their release by 2022, and now Raphael (this is the codename for Ryzen desktop CPUs on the Zen 4 architecture) is expected only in the second half of 2022: the announcement is in September-October, and the start of sales is in October-November.

This is what the original AMD roadmap looks like. 5nm CPUs based on Zen 4 architecture should have appeared by early 2022

Interestingly, a little earlier on the Web there were rumors that AMD canceled the Warhol CPU on the Zen 3+ architecture – they were supposed to be the successors of the current Ryzen 5000 and compete with the Intel Alder Lake CPU, which debuted in the fall, built on the principle of Arm – big.LITTLE platforms. … If all these rumors are true, and AMD really canceled Warhol and postponed the release of Raphael, then this may be a chance for Intel to try to win back a few percent of the desktop PC market, since the current Ryzen 5000 will hardly be able to compete on equal terms with Alder Lake, which will receive support for DDR5 memory and PCIe 5.0 bus.

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