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AMD Renoir (Zen2) and AMD Cezanne (Zen3) processor crystals in one image



An image of the AMD Cezanne processor crystal based on the Zen3 architecture has appeared on the Web. As a reminder, Cezanne is a mobile APU debuting next week.

In terms of the main parameters, Cezanne will not differ much from the current Renoir APUs – they will receive a CPU with up to 8 cores (with multithreading support) and a GPU with a maximum of 8 cores. As for the PCIe bus, no innovations are expected either, the maximum here is 20 lines. And, most likely, there will be no PCIe 4.0 support.

But, as you can see, the Cezanne crystal is larger – about 10%. If the area of ​​the Renoir crystal is 156 mm2, then the expected area of ​​the Cezanne crystal is 175 mm2… The main increase here is due to the third level cache – its volume will be 16 MB versus 8 MB for Renoir.

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