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AMD has reported for the third quarter of 2021 AMD has reported for the third quarter of 2021


AMD has reported for the past quarter and 2021 as a whole



AMD has published its latest financial report. It includes data for the fourth quarter of 2021 and for the year as a whole. The compilers of the report claim that revenue in 2021 was a record high. However, let’s start with the results of the quarter.

AMD's net profit for the year increased by an order of magnitude

Revenue in the fourth quarter amounted to 4.826 billion dollars, while a year ago the figure was 3.244 billion dollars, that is, there is an increase of 49%. Operating income in annual terms increased by 112%, from $570 million to $1.207 billion. Interestingly, the quarterly net profit in annual terms decreased: from 1.781 billion dollars to 974 million dollars, that is, by 45%. To clarify, such a large increase is due to a tax credit of $1.3 billion. However, the non-GAAP calculation, which removes the influence of US tax peculiarities, puts everything in its place: quarterly net income is equal to $1.122 billion, up 76% compared to a year ago of $636 million.

Revenue for all of 2021 was $16.434 billion. Compared with revenue for 2010, equal to 9.763 billion dollars, it grew by 68%. Operating profit compared to 2020 increased by 166% – from 1.369 to 3.648 billion dollars. Net profit compared to 2020 increased by 27% – from 2.490 to 3.162 billion dollars.

The report noted that the average prices of CPUs and GPUs have increased, and EPYC processors have enjoyed great success in the enterprise market.

For the current quarter, revenue is projected at $5.0±0.1 billion, and for 2022 as a whole – $21.5 billion.


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A “completely silent” 1300W power supply. Cooler Master showed two new products, but only the youngest received a passive CO



A completely silent 1300W power supply Cooler Master showed two

Cooler Master brought power supplies to Computex that they claim are absolutely silent.

The younger model with a power of 750 W is really silent, because it simply does not have a fan. By the way, this is the company’s most powerful power supply with passive cooling.

There is also a 1300W PSU. It has a fan, but Cooler Master also calls it completely silent.


The secret to successfully cooling such powerful PSUs without too much noise lies in the use of an evaporation chamber. There are no other details yet, as well as no pricing data.

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Electric Cars

NASA SLS launch vehicle over budget by $6 billion and six years behind schedule



NASA SLS launch vehicle over budget by 6 billion and

NASA’s SLS super-heavy booster is already over budget by $6 billion and six years behind schedule, according to a recent report.

NASA SLS launch vehicle over budget by $6 billion and six years behind schedule

A recent report generated by the NASA Inspector General’s review indicates that NASA’s spending on the Artemis program will reach $93 billion by 2025, including the $23.8 billion already spent on SLS through 2022.

Despite a successful first run earlier this year, the Inspector notes that the project involves additional costs and a further shift in the schedule. Moreover, if the existing problems are not resolved in time, this may jeopardize the entire mission of Artemis.

As for delays, out of the six years mentioned, five years of delay, and at the same time an additional almost $ 2 billion, fell on Northrop Grumman accelerators. The bottom line is that the SLS project initially involved the partial use of old equipment from the days of the Space Shuttle program. Of course, with the necessary upgrades. Northrop Grumman boosters were one such element.

The inspector blames the situation on the cost-plus pricing method and recommends switching to fixed prices. In general, NASA agreed with all eight of the inspector’s recommendations.

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Exynos platforms will appear in a new type of device. Samsung to create SoC for mixed reality headsets



Exynos platforms will appear in a new type of device

Samsung is going after Apple to release its mixed reality headset. The device will be released either at the end of this year or early next. There are no details about it yet, but it is reported that Samsung is also going to release its own Exynos single-chip systems for headsets.

Exynos platforms will appear in a new type of device.  Samsung to create SoC for mixed reality headsets

Considering that these are only plans for now, the upcoming Samsung headset will apparently either rely on some foreign platforms or on existing Exynos SoCs.

However, new platforms for mixed reality headsets may not be entirely new. It is reported that Samsung has not yet decided whether it will develop these SoCs from scratch or simply adapt existing solutions.

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