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Amazon unveils Amazon Halo Band without screen and Amazon Halo service




Amazon has introduced cloud service Amazon Halo and fitness bracelet Amazon Halo Band, which are designed to control the health status of the user.

What it is

Amazon Halo Band and the Amazon Halo service operates in a bundle. Halo Band is different from modern bracelets, since he has no screen, but all information is displayed in application on smartphone. is he has an accelerometer, temperature sensor, heart rate scanner and a pair of microphones that can be turned off.

Health it is much more than just the number of steps you do for day or how many hours are you sleep. Amazon Halo combines in the latest advances in medicine, high-precision data collected from Halo Band sensors, and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to offer a more comprehensive approach to improving your health and well-being, said Maulik Majmudar, chief medical officer for Amazon Halo.

The system takes into account the nature and the intensity of movements, and also movements, pulse and skin temperature in sleep time, after which everything is transferred to points for recommendations of the American Heart Association.

You can also assess the condition of your body: photos will be analyzed with using computer vision and machine learning. IN the result is 3D model body with indicating the percentage of fat and body mass index.

Also, AI will be able to rate your vote in in terms of energy and positivity. So you understand how your voice sounds to others and when you be rude, you don’t noticing.

Amazon Halo also offers training and recommendations. All data is confidential and will be removed from servers of the company after analysis and getting the result.

The bracelet is protected from water, withstands immersion on depth to 50 meters. One charge is enough for 7 days of work with disabled voice recognition or 2 days from enabled function. On the full charge takes about 90 minutes.

How many?

At first, Amazon Halo will cost $ 65, after a while the price will rise to $ 100. IN this cost includes a six-month subscription to Amazon Halo, after which the membership is automatically renewed for $ 4 in month. Without a subscription, access to functions will be limited.

The bracelet will be offered in three sizes and three color options of the capsule (Onyx, Silver, Rose Gold). While on choice there are three colors of straps, but then add new colors. Fabric straps can be purchased for $ 19.99, silicone behind $ 15.99.

Source: Amazon

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