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Amazon Replaces PlayStation 5 with Dog Food



The whole world is experiencing difficulties in acquiring new technology. That the Ryzen 5000 series processors, that the Ampere or Big Navi generation video cards cannot be purchased due to the lack of those on the shelves. The same is with the new PlayStation 5. But, as it turns out, a simple shortage is not the most unpleasant thing in this situation.

UK residents who pre-ordered the new console from Amazon are already receiving long-awaited door-to-door packages. And that’s all, if not for dog food and a deep fryer instead of a new generation game console.

It’s surprising that a large reputable store would make such oversights. Upset buyers reported the problem to tech support and are already receiving the money they spent on the PlayStation 5. But the main catch is not the money. These people did pre-orders, which means they should be the first to get the consoles and not be affected by shortages. But instead of the much anticipated game, they get an electric grill.

As well as bed linen and coffee machines.

Apparently, the enterprising bandit storekeepers from Amazon decided that the Sony game console was not yet ready to fall into the hands of real users, so they put something more useful in the parcels. And “satisfied” buyers returned the funds, only the consoles are no longer on sale. Food, deep fat fryer and bedding – dashing times, amazing incidents.

Source: twitter

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