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Amazing Xiaomi glasses will help with headaches and depression



In the early years of its existence, Xiaomi was often referred to as the “Chinese Apple” because the manufacturer often copied the products of the American company. Now, the range of Xiaomi includes many unique smartphones and other products. Also, Xiaomi does not stop experimenting, for example, the company recently received a patent for “smart glasses and glasses case”.

The patent specification states that the glasses have a therapeutic effect and can be used to reduce eye fatigue, anxiety, depression and other diseases. For this, glasses will be able to emit ultraviolet, infrared and laser signals, as well as sound and electromagnetic waves.

Light therapy, judging by the description of the patent, can be used to treat diseases of the brain or mental illness. Sound waves can relieve headaches or fatigue. Electromagnetic waves should be able to effectively improve blood circulation in the brain.

Xiaomi is not the first smartphone manufacturer to prepare smart glasses. Huawei has already released two generations of its Gentle Monster smart glasses, which are equipped with speakers and a microphone, but there are no glasses with similar features on the market yet.

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