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AMAZFIT GTS 2 Review – Watch That Lets You Answer Calls



Features of the model

No matter what happens around us, we all see how important it is to monitor your health. Modern gadgets help us with this. AMAZFIT GTS 2 watches are designed not only for sports, but also for health monitoring, because they have sensors that allow you to monitor the pulse, oxygen level in the blood and the PAI index. Among other things AMAZFIT GTS 2 equipped with a microphone and speaker, and this allows you to answer calls. There is a large number of workouts, a built-in music player, notifications, but you won’t be able to reply to messages. Xiaomi AMAZFIT GTS 2 Is a compact modern watch that will suit both men and women. The previous model was very popular. AMAZFIT GTS 2 buy you can for 15 thousand rubles. Time will tell, but the new watch has all the prerequisites to win the hearts of people. Let’s see what they can boast of.


To AMAZFIT GTS 2 watch liked the maximum number of people, they were made in three colors – black, gold and silver. The first option is universal and looks the most expensive. But gold and silver can be selected depending on preferences. Housing Xiaomi AMAZFIT GTS 2 watch small, rectangular, modern design. Only the button located on the case has an unusual format. Usually it just protrudes from the side edge, but here a “eyeliner” is made to the button. It looks unusual, the frame is thickened on one side, but you can get used to it. Usually the body is symmetrical, but due to the peculiarities of the right side edge, where the button is located (and the microphone is also hidden), asymmetry is observed here. On the opposite side, on the left, is a small speaker hole. Housing Xiaomi AMAZFIT GTS 2 made of aluminum and plastic, therefore it is durable. Due to the fact that the size of the case has been slightly reduced, albeit not significantly, as well as due to the smooth rounded edges and corners, Xiaomi AMAZFIT GTS 2 watch look very elegant. They are also easy to carry. The size of the case is 4.28 * 3.56 * 0.97 cm. The watch does not slide on the hand, but is clearly fixed and fits snugly. They are suitable for both business and sports styles, they will be comfortable to wear. The sensors and contacts for charging are located on the back, and in front, almost the entire area of ​​the case AMAZFIT GTS 2 takes up the screen, the frames around it are small. The strap, if necessary, can be easily removed and used instead of some other. The standard mount allows you to choose from different options. The presence of moisture protection provides the ability to swim in the watch, run in the rain, and generally not be afraid of water.

Screen, interface, control

The large screen allows you to comfortably view notifications, explore parameters during training and, in general, use the watch with comfort. Therefore, the screen diagonal of 1.65 inches is one of the advantages Xiaomi AMAZFIT GTS 2… The screen resolution is 442 * 348 pixels, which at this size allows you to get a sufficient pixel density – 341 ppi. This ensures the quality of the image. It uses an AMOLED matrix. And the screen is protected by durable protective 3D glass. Sensor AMAZFIT GTS 2 responsive, responsive to touch and recognizes commands. But in the process of scrolling through the menu, you realize that the picture is not very smooth. But the brightness of the screen and its color rendition are simply amazing. This is what makes you fall in love at first sight. As well as having everyone’s favorite Always on display feature.

To rule AMAZFIT GTS 2 watch simply, there are no supernatural commands here, so everyone will figure it out. The mechanical button is responsible for entering the main menu – this is with a standard single press. Double-clicking opens the training mode, but you can set any other command. If you hold down the button, the smart assistant will be activated. Swiping up and down, sideways lets you navigate the menu AMAZFIT GTS 2… For example, swiping down will open display settings and various additional functions. The menu contains everything you need to avoid using the application once again – alarm clock, timer, weather, compass, player, heart rate and all other health data. Dials on Xiaomi AMAZFIT GTS 2 can also be selected depending on the goals. For those who need to constantly see all the indicators, there are dials that display the maximum number of parameters. There are sports, classic, unusual dials at AMAZFIT GTS 2, reviews and user reviews indicate that the overwhelming majority like the options offered. But the largest selection is in the Zepp app, there aren’t too many pre-installed on the watch itself.

Sports modes, notifications and more

There are, of course, models with more than 50 training modes and even under a hundred. But this amount of training is geared towards athletes and people who love variety and are involved in many sports. AMAZFIT GTS 2 watches offer a total of 12 workouts, but these are the most popular sports, which will be enough for the vast majority: cycling and running, walking and swimming, skiing and simulators, exercise and mountaineering, etc. Here you can set goals for yourself and monitor your activity, as well as health indicators. For measuring the pulse in Xiaomi AMAZFIT GTS 2 the Biotracker 2 PPG sensor meets. It can read the heart rate during exercise, one-time and continuously. Also, the watch will help control the level of oxygen in the blood. This indicator can indicate the presence of pathologies, can indicate the development of pneumonia, and also allows you to determine the state of the body as a whole. Have AMAZFIT GTS 2 and other sensors – for measuring atmospheric pressure, as well as an accelerometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor.

The speaker and microphone were not just built into the case. AMAZFIT GTS 2 watches allow you to answer a call, Xiao Ai voice assistant is supported. The clock is synchronized with the phone via Bluetooth 5.0, as well as Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz. Indoors, especially where it is quiet, the interlocutor will hear you better than on the street. Still, noise cancellation Xiaomi AMAZFIT GTS 2 insufficient. It’s also worth noting that there is a slight delay in audio. The watch allows you not only to control music on your smartphone, but thanks to the built-in player and the ability to store tracks by synchronizing with the NetEase cloud account, the phone is not even needed here. 3 GB of memory will allow you to store just a huge number of songs. You can listen to your favorite tracks through the speaker or use wireless headphones. Sounds like listening to music through the speaker AMAZFIT GTS 2 doesn’t make any sense. But sometimes it is much more convenient than enjoying music with headphones in your ears. Imagine going out for a run in a quiet park. I would like the training to be accompanied by music and at the same time hear everything that is happening around. For this, they are suitable AMAZFIT GTS 2 watch… The speaker is surprisingly loud here. In a noisy place it will not be enough, but in a relatively calm place it will be enough to enjoy your favorite music. The notifications that come to the watch fit almost completely. Long messages can be flipped, but thanks to the large screen and small font, there is enough text on one screen. Although for those with poor eyesight, the font Xiaomi AMAZFIT GTS 2 watch may seem too small.


Battery capacity AMAZFIT GTS 2 quite a bit, but still increased compared to the older version – 246 mAh. This gives the user 7 to 20 days of battery life. To extend the time of use Xiaomi AMAZFIT GTS 2 watch from one charge, there are various saving modes. For example, it is easy to adjust the active screen time, brightness mode. This will allow you to economically use the battery without affecting yourself. You can turn off the backlight for a while or choose modes in which the screen brightness is lower. Naturally, sensors greatly affect autonomy. With always-on heart rate measurement, the watch AMAZFIT GTS 2 discharge faster. But on average, a week of use is sufficient autonomy for a watch of this kind. It will take 2 hours to fully recharge the battery.

Advantages and disadvantages

Have hours AMAZFIT GTS 2 great screen. It is bright, there are no complaints about the picture quality. But the smoothness of the animation when flipping through the menu is a little lacking. Pleases the presence of a speaker and microphone, this AMAZFIT GTS 2 stand out from many other devices in 2020. Yes, there are other models with which you can answer calls, but recently the set of functions for the watch is more or less the same: sports, measurement of heart rate and oxygen in the blood, notifications, etc. Here we are offered a little more opportunities. True, you will not be able to answer messages with this watch, but at least you can make calls – already good news, in view of which AMAZFIT GTS 2 buy many will want. A week to two weeks of autonomy is an average result, this is enough to satisfy the needs of the average user. You can listen to music thanks to the speaker and the presence of memory, 3 GB is enough to pump up your favorite music. Such functionality definitely attracts attention. And if you do not want to be distracted by talking on the phone during training, but rather quickly answer with the help of a watch or listen to music without using headphones, then this model is clearly worth taking a closer look at. Let on AMAZFIT GTS 2 price installed is not small, yet many will be interested in this model due to its features.


Display: AMOLED matrix, 1.65 inches, resolution 348 × 442 pixels, pixel density – 341 ppi
Operating system: Amazfit OS
Interfaces: Bluetooth 5.0, WLAN 2.4 GHz
Sensors: BioTracker 2 PPG, air pressure, acceleration, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, ambient light sensor, oximeter
Water resistance: 5 ATM
Additionally: built-in music player (3 GB), built-in speaker, the ability to answer calls, calculating the PAI index, stress level
Battery: 246mAh
Autonomy: from 7 to 20 days
Body size: 4.28 * 3.56 * 0.97cm
Weight (without strap): 25 grams


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