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After a Month with the Pixel 5: Overview, Features, Bugs and Issues



It’s a month with the Pixel 5 and I haven’t seen a phone this buggy in a long time.

At first everything was fine. The smartphone made me happy. But after a couple of weeks, everything began to fall off:

  • Rotation sensor
  • Ear sensor
  • Brightness sensor. I had to turn it manually all the time!
  • And the launcher crashed periodically.

In general, there is something to tell and what to do about it. Usage experience and bugs – about that today.

On the other hand, there are two more important things that we will talk about today:

  • Every December, Google rolls out an update with new features for the Pixel. Let’s see what has arrived this time.
  • And one of the most important camera updates on the Pixel.

It will be interesting. They drove.

Let’s start with the build. There was a double attitude to the corps. On the one hand, Google is really a lot of cheating.

Many wrote that the body is beginning to diverge. And a month later, I also had it: quite a bit, if you want, you can only stick a fingernail. But it pisses me off.

So today I would not put it under water.

Also details like the power button aren’t perfect. For example, the budget Pixel 4a does better. There are 2 points of support, but the Pixel 5 has one – and the button really wobbles.


I often talk about vibration feedback and for a reason – this is an important part of the tactile experience. And here is a budget motor. Sometimes I take to Pixel 4, for example, to photograph the cover for this material. And I feel what a vibration response costs. This is heaven and earth.

On the other hand, there are undeniable bonuses:

The body material is very good. This is a trendy plastic called bioresin. But this material is applied on top of metal, therefore it is perceived firmly and not cheaply. Does not leave prints, does not fall out. Cool solution.

The second cool thing is the symmetrical screen, no chin. The secret is simple: the display cable is connected from the side. Most smartphones have the bottom. An original and unique engineering solution.

The fingerprint scanner sits on the back and still works great.


Now let’s move on to glitches. It has not happened for a long time that a smartphone immediately fell ill with all diseases.

Rotation sensor. This turns out to be very inconvenient. For example, incorrectly rotated photos start to appear in the gallery.

Ear or proximity sensor. This also provokes accidental clicks, and I somehow showed it flickering in the Telegram application. Perhaps this is connected with this.

Brightness sensor. The interface sometimes freezes. Google was apparently in a hurry and released a crude device. Inexplicably!

What to do? In fact, several fundamental sensors failed immediately. I decided that it was the Khan’s hardware and smartphone. But then the December update arrived.


First, the update fixed all of these issues. Now everything works again without problems.

And, secondly, new chips have arrived on the Pixel 5 and other branded smartphones. Which ones – let’s see.

For example, the update has a new adaptive charging. The smartphone knows when the alarm should go off, and charging is complete by that time.

And also there was an adaptive sound. It adjusts the equalizer based on the environment. And I did not notice how it works: I was listening to my smartphone in the bathroom, on the street. Perhaps the point of the feature is for me not to notice. Let’s watch …

There was also an option – increased screen sensitivity. For gloves, let’s say.

There is also a “playing now” function. You can export tracks to YouTube Music.

And also Extreme Battery Saver appeared, but I have never used it. Because he lives very well.

Adaptive Connectivity: Not Overly Relevant. Switches between 4G and 5G depending on the app.

But these are not all the exclusive features of the software. let’s move on to the rest.


The main update I’ve been waiting for is in the camera. Even at the presentation of the smartphone, the HDR Bracketing function was announced.

What it is?

Google Camera’s proprietary HDR + stitches together multiple low shutter speed shots, and the sum of those shots provides ample detail.

This works cool, but sometimes because of this, there is still not enough information in dark areas and noise appears.

Bracketing also produces a bright shot with a long exposure. This makes the shadows much better.

Google does not officially write anywhere that it has already arrived at the camera, but the effect is already visible very well. Especially in scenes with strong backlighting.

The previous version of the camera (7.5) on the Pixel 4 has purple noise in the shadows and low details. The Pixel 5 does a lot better on the new firmware. Here is the camera version 8.1.
However, the update should also arrive on other Pixels.

The second important thing is ultra-wide. This is a nice bonus. The algorithms do a great job. But when the light is low, it is not much better than on the iPhone.

At the same time, 2x optical zoom is not enough. Personally, I think this is a very comfortable zoom, equivalent to 50mm on mirrorless cameras or film. It is convenient for them to look, it is convenient for them to crop and crop excess. And unfortunately the digital SuperResZoom algorithm falls short.

A cool feature is automatic night mode. But sometimes it turns on early.

I still like the inline level on two axes.

The Pixel 5 lacks the Neural core, which makes the smartphone take longer to process images.

Even new filters, and effects of neural algorithms that change the sky and lighting. And also a new HDR effect.

An even cooler thing is coming soon – Cinematic photos: in them Google will separate the background from the usual photo and make a three-dimensional collision.


Another question: what about performance? After all, there is a non-flagship processor here.

Interestingly, on GeekBench, it gives similar results to the Pixel 4a. Probably here is a Snapdragon 765G with a reduced frequency so as not to get warm.

But the smartphone is really very fast and does not heat up. Except for the launcher glitch that passed, everything works super fast.

But I must say that I do not play resource-intensive games. And in this regard, I did not notice that I was using non-flagship hardware.


There are exclusive pieces that are not promoted much.

Screenshots. Usually on Android, you hold down the buttons for a screenshot and wait a second. Now screenshots are taken instantly – just like on the iPhone.

Keyboard. Move cursor with space. Wow! Super convenient.

I also connected the lighting to Google Home! Works by pressing the “Home” button! Conveniently? Control lighting color or music. Kaifovo.

Cool feature: it takes one-time codes from SMS and offers to insert them where necessary. For example, when paying or confirming an account.

Hold for me. The smartphone is automatically waiting on the waiting line.


Cool collaboration with “The Mandalorian”, but cooler – the Art and Culture collection. If you like impressionists, you will.


Also in Pixel with the update there are more icon packs and fonts. But honestly, the standard ones are so good that you don’t want to change them.

Well, it became possible to change the 2×2 grid.

By the way, updates will arrive up to 3 years.


It is interesting. For the first time with a Pixel, I stopped charging my smartphone overnight. I put on charging for half an hour in the morning and get up to 50-70 percent of the battery. This is enough for a day.

Here’s another example, the time is 17:30 and I have 47% left, and the screen time is already 4 hours 40 minutes. This means that it will last for another 3-4 hours until it is completely discharged. Only 7-8 hours of screen operation. It’s good.


Pixel 5 is imperfect and controversial. Probably the most controversial of all Pixels. But at the same time, we got a great balanced smartphone. It is not on a flagship chip, and at the same time there were quite a few glitches in the device, there is even a feeling that Google for some reason was in a hurry to release this device to the market. True, there were a lot of glitches at the start, while thanks to Google updates – they saved the smartphone from the jambs that appeared.

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