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Affordable electric car Tesla Model Q for $ 25,000 showed on the render



In a recent meeting with Tesla employees, CEO Elon Musk made three important statements regarding the brand’s newest and most affordable model. Firstly, he said that the production of the car was postponed to 2023, and secondly, he said that the electric car would not be called Model 2. Finally, thirdly, Musk hinted that the most affordable Tesla car could lose its steering wheel. and pedals. And now new details have arrived about this electric car expected by many.

This image of a promising novelty was published by a German resource. The origin of the render is unknown, but it is possible that the car will look something like this. At least, the car from this picture is much closer to the production model than the sketch that has been walking on the Web for a long time (in the picture below).

Affordable electric car Tesla Model Q for $ 25,000 showed on the render

The cheap Tesla electric car will retain the body type of the “donor” of the platform – Tesla Model 3, and the authors of the render took this into account. In general, the silhouette of the Model Q (the source of the image believes that this will be the name of the car) resembles the European bestseller Volkswagen Golf. No specs yet, but the Model Q shouldn’t be as fast and powerful as the Model 3. And the car is likely to be exclusively front-wheel drive.

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