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Adidas Futurecraft STRUNG – the most technologically advanced running shoe




Adidas continues to research the most advanced footwear technologies. The main trend in recent years has been 3D printing and robotization, and the new Futurecraft STRUNG model is about that.

What’s so special about these sneakers?

Firstly, the familiar 3D printed 4D outsole has become lighter, which some athletes have complained about. Secondly, the upper of the model is woven by a robot specially designed for this business, which can weave threads diagonally through the sole.

The strings from which the top is woven are of different colors, thicknesses and rigidity, which, with the right alternation, gives reinforcement in the right places, namely the toe and the middle. Flexible threads are used at the front for added flexibility.

When will the model be available for purchase?

So far, this is a concept and technology demonstration. Adidas does not give an exact date or price, but promises more details in late 2021 – early 2022. I think that before that, more than one new model will be shown, where the announced technologies will be used.

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