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Acer unveils SigridWave – an esports translator that understands gaming slang



Acer has unveiled SigridWave, an AI-powered in-game translator for Planet9, the next generation esports platform. SigridWave is built to handle gaming terminology and custom jargon. Acer also announced a number of platform updates aimed at eSports, including the ability to create clubs for teams and brands, and its own tournament infrastructure.

Planet9 is an open platform that gives casual gamers and esports players the tools to improve their skills, take part in competitions, get an idea of ​​their success and find like-minded people. Planet9 is also committed to providing teams and brands with opportunities to develop communities, host tournaments, and engage with fans.

The new platform helps players connect with other users within esports teams and social clubs; improve your skills through training and detailed analysis of their results in the form of statistics; try your hand at esports by taking part in rating and training matches and championships. By late 2020 or early 2021, Planet9 will have support for an in-game overlay for League of Legends, with plans to expand it to other competitive games in the future.

SigridWave is an artificial intelligence-powered in-game translator that uses deep learning technologies to break down language barriers between users around the world and facilitate their communication. The translator is built into the Planet9 PC platform and is downloaded directly into the game lobby, after which it functions as a customizable in-game overlay. In the game, SigridWave uses Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology, which detects user cues and converts them to strings of text. This text is then processed using neural machine translation (NMT) technology, which has trained over 10 million bilingual expression pairs to date, allowing the AI ​​to understand terminology associated with specific games (such as “ADS” or “camping”).

Context is a major obstacle to machine translation: many words carry more than one possible meaning, and the AI ​​has a hard time deciding which translation is best for a given situation if it cannot process its context. The AI ​​SigridWave was developed specifically for games, and about 1000 hours of game communication (voice + transcripts) were used to train it, which allows the program to more accurately understand the meaning of messages and adequately translate them for users.


SigridWave will launch as a closed beta in Q4 2020. During this time, users of popular first-person shooters will have access to two-way translation for English and Mandarin in a number of major FPS games such as Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege.

Many users play games not only for fun, but also for their communities. The Planet9 Club feature will help these players get closer to the esports groups they like. And this applies to both serious teams with a worldwide reputation and local organizations, for example, university eSports teams. Clubs have two parts: a public home page for subscribers and a private home page for members. The home page is a place to post content (posts, polls, videos, etc.) to interact with the community, and the private part of the club will be a place where the inner circle of team members can relax and discuss related issues.

Planet9 recently partnered with Dixons to bring the platform to Currys PC World stores and develop esports in the UK and Ireland. As part of the agreement, esports arenas will be created that will allow players to feel what it is like to be in the thick of the action, train with teammates and learn from professional coaches. Such indoor arenas will appear in 30 stores of the chain during 2021. Each store will open its own Planet9-based club to develop the local community of players, as well as host tournaments so that users have their own platform to showcase their gaming talent.

The Planet9 platform includes infrastructure designed to simplify the process of organizing and hosting eSports events. It will help prepare a successful tournament even for those who have no experience in this area. Tournaments are highly customizable, with a range of preset groups and privacy modes, as well as sponsored branding and club reward options. On the day of the championship, the universal Bracket Master console simplifies the interaction of referees and organizers, setting up matches, broadcasting them to the audience and other functions.

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