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About 30% of American components in Huawei 5G base stations



According to Nikkei Asia, the disassembly of the Huawei 5G base station shows that the device uses about 30% of components from US suppliers.

The main semiconductor device in the block, codenamed Hi1382 TAIWAN (HiSilicon chipset), was supplied by Taiwanese contract manufacturer TSMC. This proves that the Chinese giant is still not completely independent from American suppliers. Since the company cannot now order such components, it will have to rely on its stocks and look for new suppliers.

The Huawei base station measures 49 x 9 x 34 cm and weighs about 10 kg. The device is usually placed on rooftops or towers. The estimated cost of manufacturing the device is $ 1,320, of which 48.2% are Chinese-made components. Chips and other American-made components account for 27.2% of the total cost.

The United States has imposed several new restrictions on Huawei, which took effect last month. At the same time, Huawei is now prohibited from purchasing chipsets from American companies or companies using American technologies.

At the moment, Intel and AMD have already received a license to continue working with Huawei. Qualcomm, Samsung, MediaTek and other companies have also applied for a special US license.

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