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A year and a half later, Intel remembered its unique processors. Fresh driver for Kaby Lake-G GPU released



Intel teamed up with AMD to release the first graphics driver in a year and a half for the Radeon Vega M GPUs built into Intel Kaby Lake-G processors.

Recall that such CPUs did not last long on the market, but Intel promised to support them for five years. Despite this, the last graphics driver for them came out back in February last year. Now on the Intel website, the Radeon Software driver has appeared on 10/21/03/11. It is designed for the NUC8 mini PC, but should work for other PCs based on the respective processors as well.

Among other things, the driver contains optimizations for a number of modern games, including Metro Exodus, Resident Evil Village and others.

Given the situation on the video card market, the capabilities of the Radeon Vega M may allow the owners of the corresponding PCs to hold out for some more time without changing the 3D card.


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