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A worthy competitor to Google? Huawei will launch its own search engine




According to the developers, the created search engine called Petal Search will soon be available for use by all users in the App Gallery store, where it will be exclusively developed and improved in an exclusive manner. In the foreseeable future, Huawei plans to completely replace the familiar Google search engine with its own solution.

It is noted that the content for the branded search engine of the Chinese corporation will come from search engines of partners. These, according to official data, are Qwant, the largest search engine in Europe, which is the largest search engine in Russia. This is only a part of the total number of partners.

It is currently unknown exactly when Huawei is going to completely replace the Google search engine with its own, but it is guaranteed to happen one way or another in the near future, because you will not have to wait too long for this moment anyway.

All the forces of the Chinese corporation, apparently, are thrown to abandon as soon as possible absolutely all American technologies and developments in favor of their own. How successful the Petal Search search engine will be in the end, unfortunately, is still unknown, because it is not yet available to users, so no conclusions about the effectiveness of its work can not be made yet.

A worthy competitor to Google. Huawei will launch its own search engine

It will allow anyone to read the latest news, visit various websites for finding answers to certain questions, reviewing the weather forecast, as well as, in addition, perform various other actions, doing all this without any unnecessary difficulties and difficulties.

The Chinese corporation Huawei tried to do absolutely everything in its power to make its new search engine as functional as possible at the time of entering the market. Probably this is why Petal Search even added a built-in calculator, and advanced, which allows you to perform even complex mathematical calculations, doing so without leaving the search engine itself.

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