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A good day for a crypto investor. Bitcoin is already more expensive than $ 41,000, Etherium – $ 1,250



Today, a historic event for Bitcoin took place – for the first time, the value of a cryptocurrency exceeded the $ 40,000 mark. And not just overcame, but went much further. At the time of writing, the news for 1 BTC is almost $ 41,500. This is good news for those who have previously invested in bitcoin.

Good news number two for all the same investors is the rise in the value of Etherium. If Bitcoin added “just a little more” 40% in a week, then Etherium soared by 70%! Now for 1 ETH they give about $ 1250.

What will happen next? The growth is likely to continue. The only question is to what level. Whereas previously the $ 100,000 bar was called, JPMorgan Chase now predicts the value of bitcoin at $ 146,000. True, in the distant future, and not right in the near future. Apparently, now only the value of Tesla shares can be compared with the rise in the value of cryptocurrency, no other assets, such as precious metals, oil and shares of various companies, grow so fast.

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