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A first look at the plot and gameplay of Dragon Age 4 from BioWare’s documentary on game development




For two years, BioWare kept gamers in the dark about Dragon Age 4. Now, the developers have released a video that told about the creation of the game.

How is Dragon Age 4

The Next Dragon Age is still in its early stages of development, so it’s not worth waiting for a game in the coming year. But the video showed a lot concept art and a couple of locations on the game engine.

Contributing to the creation is Mark Darrah, who worked on Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age Origins. Gamers are promised a fantastic world with new locations, animals created from scratch and many intricate stories. According to lead writer Patrick Weeks, the plot of the new Dragon Age will show what happens when the protagonist has no power.

The plots will concentrate around the characters, and even oncoming heroes can become familiar to the player.


“We want the characters to be loved or hated. One of the best examples is Solas, whom one part of the players wants to kill, the other to marry, and the third party wants everything at once, ”says the technical director of the project, John Renish.


Not without a system of consequences. As says RPG programmer Katrina Barkwell, “choice can decide whether party members live or die.”


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