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A feature will appear in Google Drive that will allow users to encrypt files



Google Drive does not support encryption of individual files, which can lead to security issues. However, Google will finally provide the service with an additional level of protection.

Google is ready to provide users with a feature that will allow them to encrypt and decrypt files on Drive, as well as download and decrypt files within the program on a smartphone.

A new function is mentioned in the program code version 2.20.441.06.40.

Developer Alessandro Paluzzi posted screenshots of the new feature in action on his Twitter blog.

Published images confirm that the encryption will be displayed as a switch, which is in the settings of the program “Disk”. Once enabled, encrypted documents downloaded to the device will be displayed with a small lock icon next to the mark indicating their availability offline.

Alessandro added that changing the encryption settings deletes all previously downloaded copies.

It is unknown when all users will access the feature.

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