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A farm of 78 GeForce RTX 3080 can bring $ 120,000 in a year. This is at the current rate



The explosive growth of cryptocurrencies, as analysts expect, will lead to another wave of mining boom, which, in turn, will directly affect the video card market, which is now going through hard times.Recently, we have already seen a photo of 78 GeForce RTX 3080 adapters combined in one farm for mining cryptocurrency. It turned out that this is not a single such station.

Simon Byrne is responsible for the creation of these farms. The codename of the farm is Berta 2. It is not clear how much the owner paid for such a pleasure, but the web has already roughly calculated how much such an installation can bring and how much it will pay off.

So, according to the source, such a farm could cost about $ 100,000, since the RTX 3080 now costs about $ 1200 instead of the recommended 700. Electricity costs are calculated at $ 1,444 per month, but this is for Las Vegas. The source raised that amount to $ 2,166 including cooling.

The RTX 3080 has a performance of 83.57 MH / s when mining Ethereum, that is, it brings in about $ 165 per month at the current exchange rate. Thus, the farm as a whole brings in about $ 12,840 per month, and minus electricity costs, it comes out about $ 10,674 per month or about $ 120,100 per year. That is, the farm will pay off in about 9-10 months, but you should understand that the rate of cryptocurrencies is constantly changing. If it continues to grow as quickly as it has recently, the payback period will significantly decrease. Unfortunately, this means that the shortage of next-generation video cards can be significantly aggravated.

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