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A copy of Tesla Cyberquad accelerated to 165 km / h

by Henry Brown

Experts from the American company Rich Rebuilds presented their own e-ATV. The peculiarity of the novelty is the visual similarity with the Tesla Cyberquad shown last year.

The video presented by Steven Salowski and Rich Benoit shows part of the assembly process and the acceleration of the creation they created up to hundreds of miles per hour (over 160 km / h).

The Yamaha Raptor 700 ATV 2008 ATV became the basis for the homemade product. The reason for choosing this particular model is the similarity of its chassis with a similar Cyberquad parameter. The craftsmen used the Zero Motorcycles engine as a motor.

Initially, the guys planned to put the Raptor on electric traction, but this idea seemed too simple to them. And, guided by the thesis that “tough dudes don’t look for easy ways,” Rich and Stephen made the decision to complicate the task.

It took the craftsmen 300 hours to bring the brainchild to the proper condition. Benoit was in charge of the engine, propulsion and electrical propulsion, while Salowski was responsible for the ATV’s appearance.

As a result, the functionality of the replica turned out to be much better in comparison with the skills of the donor Raptor. So, acceleration from standstill to 97 km / h. it takes 3.9 seconds for a homemade product (-1.5 seconds in comparison with the brainchild of “Yamaha”).

The boundary speed of the Cyberquad electric clone is 165 km / h. The developers did not report the power reserve of the novelty. The authors have not yet come up with a name for their creation.

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