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Razer unveils two new PC cases

by Henry Brown

Although Razer is primarily concerned with the creation of PC accessories, it is gradually striving to succeed in other areas, as well as related to video games and the PC in particular. As you may remember, last January Razer officially unveiled its signature chassis called the Tomahawk Elite, which featured gull-wing doors as well as an optional auto-pop-up lid to prevent overheating. … Further, in January of this year, Razer also presented its own body – the Tomahawk. It was supposed to be an easy component change, since it was designed primarily for use with Intel NUC Element modules. But what do all these buildings have in common?

That none of them ever made it to release. However, this fact does not prevent the company from once again presenting two new buildings at once. They are called Razer Tomahawk A1 (ATX) and Tomahawk M1 (Mini-ITX) for 199 and 179 dollars, respectively. And the first thing that you can immediately guess from the name is that one of the cases in terms of size will be standard, while the other is much more compact. Other features include the fact that both cases have a pair of tempered glass panels with hinges located at the back, so that they could be turned back.

And yes, this is a pretty convenient and competent solution. Official information says that the cases are made of aluminum and steel, and that they naturally have Razer Chroma RGB lighting located underneath. What is surprising is that the manufacturer decided, for whatever reason, to equip the Tomahawk A1 and Tomahawk M1 with dedicated drive bays, as well as space for installing 2.5-inch solid state drives. One of the significant differences between the models, according to official figures, lies not only in size, but also in weight, because the Tomahawk A1 weighs 15.1 kilograms, while the younger brother is only 6.8 kilograms.

And of course, if you take the Tomahawk M1 case, then you should be perfectly aware that you will have to overpay for components for your PC, because their miniature versions are significantly more expensive. This is precisely the price to pay for compactness. In any case, Razer says the firm is currently actively working with various motherboard manufacturers to integrate the proprietary Chroma RGB lighting in them. The first such motherboards will appear in the fourth quarter of this year from AMD and ASRock. Let’s hope that this time the company will not abandon its initiative and bring its corpuses to release.

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