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8K TVs won’t face the lack of content that 4K TVs did



Despite the fact that 8K TVs are still very expensive, the latest forecast indicates that by the end of 2021 they will overcome an important milestone.

Deloitte predicts that there will be about a million 8K TVs sold this year at an average price of $ 3,300, which should translate into a gross $ 3.3 billion in revenue.

Sales of these premium TVs are growing slowly, but analysts point to a gradual increase in demand for such models. There are currently about 220 million TVs sold worldwide, so a million is less than 0.5 percent.

In 2013, when 4K TVs hit the market, users were faced with a dearth of content to justify buying expensive new products. However, Deloitte believes that 8K TVs may not face the same problem, as 8K content appears fairly quickly. The Japanese company NHK is mentioned, which back in 2018 demonstrated an updated 8K version of the movie “A Space Odyssey 2001”. Most IMAX movies shot on 65mm and 75mm film can be converted to 8K. Also today, many films are originally shot in such high definition.

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