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8 cores, 4.8 GHz and overclocking. AMD unveils Ryzen 5000H and Ryzen 5000U notebook processors



AMD today officially announced its new notebook APUs. There are 12 new products in total, they are divided into two lines. The flagship Ryzen 5000H includes models with a TDP of 35-45 W (Ryzen 9 5980HX and Ryzen 9 5900HX support overclocking, so the TDP is even higher than 45 W) on the Zen 3 architecture, but the Ryzen 5000U line includes models on both Zen 3 and on Zen 2, but the TDP value is the same for all models – 10-25 W.

Why it was necessary to make such a mix from APUs on different architectures within the same series, it became clear only now: models of the Lucienne family (Zen 2) are cheaper than Cezanne models (Zen 3) – they will be used in inexpensive laptops. In general, mobile Ryzen 5000s gained 19% in terms of IPC and received twice as much cache memory. All characteristics of the new products are presented in two tables below, but we will dwell on the flagships in more detail.

Ryzen 9 5980HX and Ryzen 9 5900HX each have 8 processing cores and support multithreading. The amount of cache memory L3 was 16 MB, L2 – 4 MB. The Ryzen 9 5900HX has a base frequency of 3.3 GHz, with a maximum of 4.6 GHz. The base and maximum frequencies of the Ryzen 9 5980HX are 3.4 and 4.8 GHz. The TDP for them is listed as 45+ watts, since only these two models support overclocking. It, of course, will largely be determined by the cooling subsystem of each particular laptop, but in general for high-performance mobile workstations or gaming laptops, this is an interesting opportunity. Note that Ryzen 5000H will compete with Intel Tiger Lake-H35 CPUs, but there are only three blue processors in the series, while AMD has six.

AMD Ryzen 5000H APU specifications are as follows:

APU Family Architecture Number of cores / threads Frequency, GHz L3 cache size, MB GPU (number of computational units / cores) GPU frequency, GHz TDP, W
Ryzen 9 5980HXCezanne hZen 38/163.4-4.8168/512N / A45+
Ryzen 9 5900HXCezanne hZen 38/163.3-4.6168/512N / A45+
Ryzen 9 5900HCezanne hZen 38/163.3-4.65168/512N / A35-45
Ryzen 9 5900HSCezanne hZen 38/163.1-4.5168/512N / A35-45
Ryzen 7 5800HCezanne hZen 38/163.2-4.4168/5122.035-45
Ryzen 5 5600HCezanne hZen 36/123.1-4.18N / AN / A35-45

And this is how the characteristics of the Ryzen 5000U look like:

APU Family Architecture Number of cores / threads Frequency, GHz L3 cache size, MB GPU (number of computational units / cores) GPU frequency, GHz TDP, W
Ryzen 7 5800UCezanne uZen 38/162.0-4.4168/5122.010-25
Ryzen 7 5700ULucienne UZen 28/161.8-4.388/5121.910-25
Ryzen 5 5600UCezanne uZen 36/122.3-4.3127/4481.810-25
Ryzen 5 5500ULucienne UZen 26/122.1-4.087/4481.810-25
Ryzen 3 5400UCezanne uZen 34/82.6-4.086/3841.610-25
Ryzen 3 5300ULucienne UZen 24/82.6-3.8546/3841.510-25

All of these APUs are manufactured using the 7nm process technology. Ready-made devices based on them will go on sale in the near future, but, according to rumors, at first Ryzen 5000 laptops will be in short supply.

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