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8 awesome Netflix features that many users have come to expect



Despite being one of the best streaming services in the world, Netflix isn’t perfect. Renowned for its accessibility and a competitive subscription price, the platform could do even better by making some changes to its offer.

8 awesome Netflix features that many users have come to

It would also be a good way to respond to the constant threat from its main competitors, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and HBO Max. Here are eight new features Netflix could add to further satisfy its many users.

1. Filter playlists and create custom lists

It’s not easy to find your way among the thousands of movies or TV shows available to stream on Netflix. The platform then offers the possibility of grouping all the content of its choice in “My list”. An option that does not however solve the problem. For good reason, it does not allow easy filtering of the grouped content.

When, for example, you have a fairly long playlist, it is always just as complicated to succeed in finding specific content. It is not easy either to keep some of your reading private when you receive visitors (especially from your parents). Adding a feature allowing users to create personalized playlists would therefore be welcome.

2. Be able to mark content as already seen

You’ve probably already noticed the “Watch It Again” option available on Netflix. This tab contains all the history of the content you have viewed on the platform. Netflix is ​​therefore fully aware of all the movies, series or TV shows that you have ever followed. Despite this, the same content often gets tangled up with what has not yet been viewed.

An embarrassment that we would like to do without. To believe that Netflix would like to give the impression of having a much larger library than it really is. In the same vein, it would be very practical to allow the user to mark content that he has already viewed elsewhere than on Netflix. A feature that would then allow scrolling only 100% new content for each user.

3. Limit the risk of being spoiled

One of the main advantages that Netflix offers is to broadcast most of the time in one go, all the episodes of a series. A real boon for fans of the series which, however, has a downside. By having all the episodes in front of them, the user runs the risk of being spoiled. For example, it would suffice for the thumbnail of the following episode to show certain characters who will appear in the next episode. The suspense at the end of the previous episode will be wasted.

Likewise, it happens that certain descriptions of films or series, even summaries of episodes, contain some spoilers. Nothing obvious, but this information can sometimes be too much. The Netflix team could therefore consider adding an option to “hide descriptions and thumbnails temporarily”. So there would be no more fear of being spoiled while browsing the platform.

4. An option for viewing evenings with friends

Several solutions exist to be able to follow online content on Netflix with friends. None of them, however, are official. All were developed by third parties. However, these solutions have certain flaws, such as the possibility of ending up without an update at any time. It is also common for the service to crash at any time.

Netflix could then offer a “watch party” option, officially available on the platform. Especially since with the competition, this option already exists. Disney + just like Hulu has indeed integrated it into their respective offers. Both allow you to follow a movie online with several other people, all in one click.

The need therefore exists and Netflix would greatly benefit from making this possible by offering an official offer. Especially since it is not easy to get everyone to consult other sites or have extensions from other browsers. Netflix will then make it easier for its users by integrating an official and specific “watch party” feature.

5. Facilitate access to certain categories

Netflix has several hidden categories that many users still ignore. However, these categories make it possible to optimally organize its content. You will thus find certain rather classic categories such as “Westerns” or “Comedies”. There are, however, other less common categories grouping together “Thought films” or relating to “Military action and adventure” content.

It may happen to see these categories appear in the thread of the proposals at the level of the home page of the Netflix platform. Outside of these occasions, it is very difficult to find these categories. To do this, it is necessary to know either the name of the category sought, or the numerical code linked to it. An approach that could be simplified by simply bringing together all these categories in a single list.

6. Improve the filing system

Rankings on Netflix were originally done on the basis of a star rating system. Subsequently, the platform opted for an evaluation based on the choice of putting a thumb up or a thumb down. Currently the system in place displays match percentages. Users are tricked into trusting the match rate displayed by Netflix below a piece of content.

A method that does not really help since a match to such and such a percentage does not adequately inform a user. The determination of these percentages by Netflix, moreover, often remains a real mystery. A scoring system like that of IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes could be much more suitable.

That of IMDb is based on the opinions of recognized critics. As for that of Rotten Tomatoes, it leaves free rein to each one to assign a note. Obviously, no rating could take into account all the personal preferences of each individual. Nevertheless, a better evaluation system would be more useful to guide users in their choices.

7. Have access to bonuses and comments

The concept of bonuses is quite familiar to collectors of TV shows or films on physical media. These are new elements such as bloopers, deleted scenes, interviews or comments.

Bonuses that bring a real plus and which sometimes allow you to see the content from another angle. It would therefore be very interesting to have access to it on the Netflix platform as well.

8. X-Ray functionality

Amazon Prime Video already offers X-Ray functionality to pause a scene at any time. The benefits it offers are simply impressive. You can see the title of the music being played, the names of the different actors in a scene, behind the scenes information and much more.

This invaluable function saves you many headaches such as finding music heard in a scene where an actor that you would have particularly noticed. So many possibilities that can be easily accessed with an X-Ray functionality. Netflix could therefore copy to Amazon Prime Video by adding this function. Its users will be even more satisfied.

Can we hope that Netflix will one day add these features?

No one knows at this time whether these features will ever be added to Netflix’s offering. Several requests from users of the service have so far gone unanswered. It only remains to hope that its competitors will react Netflix so that we can see great new features appear very soon.


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