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6 tips for taking good care of your computer 6 tips for taking good care of your computer


6 tips for taking good care of your computer



Is your computer getting slower or crashing frequently? It is probably time to clean it up. Indeed, like all other devices, the computer must be regularly maintained. If it is one of the most used devices, its maintenance is however neglected.

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This lack of care is consequently a source of slowness, even when it comes to carrying out small tasks such as opening a file. In addition, you can quickly deal with breakdowns which can sometimes be irreversible. From the screen to the keyboard, via the internal system, each component must be taken into account during maintenance, in order to refurbish a computer.

What does the maintenance of a computer consist of?

Maintaining a device generally refers to cleaning it. In the case of a computer, it can be a complete cleaning or a simple dusting. Thorough cleaning involves removing dust and other debris, but also ridding the device of any unscrupulous programs and applications. It is important to note that maintaining a computer prolongs its longevity and efficiency, even for older devices.

What are the components to maintain?

The computer being composed of a multitude of elements, its maintenance can concern more than one. These can be hardware components including:

  • the keyboard,
  • the mouse,
  • heat sinks,
  • cooling devices, etc.

Various internal equipment such as software or files may also require simple or in-depth maintenance.

What procedures for maintaining a computer?

Maintaining computers can take a few minutes to several hours, depending on how you use them.

Dust off external components

The dust is one of the most harmful elements in computers. When it lands, penetrates the vents and accumulates, overheating and frequent breakdowns are inevitable. It is therefore essential to dust regularly. To clean your keyboard, for example, simply spray it with a dry air aerosol to remove all the dust embedded in the gaps. Then remove all the keys and clean them with soapy water.

For your screen, there are products specially adapted for its cleaning. You will find it in shops selling computer products.

Dust the inside of the appliance

You can use an air spray for safe cleaning.

  • You must turn your computer off and off, before opening the case;
  • Holding the aerosol of dry air upright, you should spray the dusty areas (vents, feed and invisible parts), as long as it takes to make them completely clean;
  • Once the inside of the PC is clean, you can shut down and restart your device.

If your cleaning was successful, you should see it by the running speed of the fans. For some computer models, it may not be necessary to open the case to clean. It will then suffice to spray with aerosol, the vents and ports being on the sides.

This operation may require the intervention of an IT maintenance professional for added security. It is best not to use a hard cloth and not to rub the computer components in order to avoid damaging them.

You must then let your computer dry sufficiently before closing the case.

Provide special maintenance to desktop computers

This will remove the dust on the surface and in the corners of the case of the central unit. Here you need a cloth and vacuum cleaner. To clean the interior of this unit, a dry air canister and a brush are required. This operation requires precision and technicality in order not to damage the components.

Clean up the PC

Cleaning your computer, of course, is emptying it of all the small files and non-essential software it contains. Indeed, when you have a large number of them on the device, it loses its effectiveness and its use becomes more painful.

In addition, it is important to empty your basket as much as possible. Note that the files sent to the recycle bin are not actually deleted. In fact, they always take up space in your device.

Use software suitable for cleaning computers

There are many tools designed to effectively clean computers from unnecessary or obsolete programs that slow them down. This is software that takes care of ridding the system of the device of waste and keeping it up-to-date. They play the role of defragmenters on the disks in order to free up space and optimize them. You can download most of this software for free. Usually, this background interview only takes a few minutes for the most efficient software. At the end, your device will regain all its power.

Also remember to regularly update your programs. To avoid losing important data, be sure to run a backup of these programs before running your cleaning software. In this specific case, you can call in a technician to ensure a healthy backup of your important documents.

Leverage current antivirus software to fight attacks

The anti-virus are very practical cleaning tools. They serve both to eliminate viruses inside the computer and protect it from possible attacks. Between the free and paid versions, the designers offer different types to everyone’s satisfaction. A computer without antivirus software is very vulnerable to system clutter and bugs.

Computer maintenance: how often?

Despite your best efforts, there will no doubt be a few strands of dust left in your computer whether you use it or not. However, you can avoid large deposits by opting for frequent dusting. The average frequency for performing this operation can range from 12 weeks to six months. You will need to consider your surroundings and the amount of dust around you.

How often you clean and maintain a computer is sometimes a function of how often you use it. But in general, no matter how old or how old your computer is, you should remember to clean it at least once every six months, even a year.

For your satisfaction and the safety of your device, it is always recommended that you entrust the service to a maintenance professional.


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