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5 Xiaomi devices that will make your home smart



5 Xiaomi devices that will make your home smart

We have already said more than once that the activities of the Chinese company Xiaomi are not limited to the release of smartphones, fitness trackers and other mobile devices. There are many interesting devices for the home in the range of Xiaomi – from kettles to smart scales. With them, you can make your home smart and make life easier. And today we bring to your attention a selection of the most useful gadgets for home from Xiaomi.

Mijia Pro Smart Kettle

Mijia Pro Smart Kettle

Do you still think that a kettle cannot be smart? But no. Xiaomi engineers managed to add intelligence to such a household appliance as a kettle. The Xiaomi Mijia Pro kettle can be remotely controlled from the Mi Home app on your smartphone. It features a built-in screen to display the water temperature in real time, which reduces the likelihood of burns, one-click temperature adjustment, the ability to maintain the temperature from 40 to 90 degrees, and a quick heat function that allows water to boil in just five minutes. Moreover, Xiaomi Mijia Pro automatically remembers your habits. The inside of the kettle is made of completely safe stainless steel, and the outer shell has a double-layer construction with thermal insulation material.

Air Humidifier Mi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier

Air Humidifier Mi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we are spending more time at home. And now, more than ever before, we want to create a comfortable environment at home. And the smart air humidifier from Xiaomi will help with this. This is a must-have, especially for families with small children and animals. The use of a humidifier in winter is mandatory, because when the heating devices are turned on, the air humidity in the room drops, and dry air can negatively affect the well-being and quality of skin and hair.

Mi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier is not just a humidifier, but an instant sterilization humidifier. Ultraviolet rays sterilize the water, killing all bacteria and making the steam released by the humidifier as clean as possible and therefore useful. Another feature of the gadget is the ability to remotely control it using the Mi Home application. Through a smartphone, the user can switch modes and turn on / off the humidifier in his absence. Plus, the gadget works as quietly as possible.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Miija

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Miija

Robot vacuum cleaners help modern users to keep their homes clean. And a robot from Xiaomi can become part of a smart home system, because it can be controlled remotely using an application on a smartphone. Moreover, he has artificial intelligence, which allows him to independently draw up a route and a cleaning plan. Xiaomi Mijia has everything for the highest quality cleaning – several brushes, many different sensors and a double filter system to purify the air and retain dust and mites.

Heater Mi Smart Space Heater S

Heater Mi Smart Space Heater S

This is a smart convector with a remote control function via the Mi Home app on your smartphone. It also supports control with Mi AI voice assistants, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. By controlling the heater via Wi-Fi, you can adjust the temperature, change modes, set the timer for 1, 3, 5 or 9 hours, and turn it off.
The gadget is capable of heating a room with an area of ​​up to 15 meters, and thanks to its waterproof rating (IPx4 class), it can be installed even in rooms with high humidity, for example, in a bathroom. The heater has six operating modes and a built-in tumble dryer.

Mijia Smart Camera

Mijia Smart Camera

Well, what is a smart home without a camera? There are also such gadgets in the range of Xiaomi. For example, Xiaomi Mijia Smart Camera is a smart camera with a 360-degree viewing angle, Full HD resolution, an infrared system for shooting in the dark and the ability to control via the Mi Home app. And thanks to artificial intelligence and proprietary algorithm, the camera is able to accurately detect movement in its field of view and notify the user about it. The manufacturer claims that a more accurate warning system will prevent false alarms from being triggered.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Camera can be found in tons of uses. For example, you can install it in the corridor and turn it on in your absence if you are afraid of thieves, or put it in the children’s room when the camera will act as a kind of video baby monitor.

This is just a small part of Xiaomi’s smart home devices. But it is these five gadgets that are able to prove that in order to make a house smart, it is not necessary to redo the repairs and spend hundreds of thousands of rubles on equipment to create a single ecosystem.

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