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5 useful features iPadOS lacks

by Jeff Tucker

Apple has unveiled a number of important innovations with iOS 14, including a redesigned home screen with support for widgets, an app library, a built-in translator, a new version of the Safari browser, and more. Many of these features also appeared in iPadOS 14, but some of the key features sadly didn’t make it to tablets.

Multiplayer support

10 years after the release of the original iPad, multiplayer support is still missing on Apple tablets. The company has been promoting the device as a PC replacement for several years, but the ability to work on it by analogy with a Mac has not yet been realized. Perhaps this is how Apple wants everyone to have their own iPad.

By the way, in most families, the iPad is used as a multimedia terminal by children and adults, so I would like to be able to separate content and applications. Also, this feature will be useful for distinguishing between work and personal space.

Customizable widgets

IOS 14 introduces home screen widgets with the ability to customize their appearance. IPadOS also has widgets, but unfortunately you can’t drag them out of the Today screen.

IOS 14 widgets

Quite a strange decision on the part of Apple to prevent users from placing widgets on the home screen. Compared to the iPhone, the iPad’s display is quite large, which means that it has a lot more room to customize the interface.

Application Library

Another weird solution is to leave the iPad without an app library. On the iPhone, a new feature allows you to put things in order in the installed software using convenient automatic sorting.

Application Library

Along with the lack of an app library on the iPad, there is no option to hide app icons and pages on the home screen. Thus, it turns out that now the user experience from interacting with the iPhone and iPad is different. Interestingly, in this way the company is trying to differentiate its products as much as possible? If so, then in my opinion a rather controversial decision is obtained.


The Translator app is an important addition to iOS 14. It supports text and voice translation capabilities. In addition, there is a conversation mode that allows you to have a conversation with a person who speaks another language.

Translator iOS 14

Apparently, Apple assumes that most of the “Translator” will be used in travel, so it needs portability. However, the iPad is also quite common among users when traveling, so translation can be useful on the big screen as well. Of course, it can be replaced with an analogue, but here we are discussing the standard capabilities of operating systems.

Extended displays

With the iPad Pro and the new Air, you can use the USB-C port to connect to an external display, but that feature feels flimsy. When connected, the tablet screen will be mirrored on the secondary monitor. In addition, there is no option to turn off the iPad’s screen while using the connected display, which in turn is distracting.

Apple also did not add the option of using a connected monitor as a secondary display. Such a function, in my opinion, would be more useful than mirroring. The ability to expand the desktop could be very useful during video editing or photo processing.

If you have any features that iPad is missing or missing in iPadOS 14, then do not forget to tell us about it in the comments. For example, it might be missing a calculator.


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