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A couple of weeks ago, there was a slight glitch in WhatsApp. Many did not even notice it, but some users faced some problems. There were several more serious disruptions in the past year, with a huge proportion of users unable to send and receive messages. Of course, such problems are solved rather quickly, since the best programmers start tackling them right away. But sometimes the problems are local and can be solved with some simple steps. So simple that power users sometimes neglect them or simply forget that it was possible. In this article, we’ll look at a few examples of simple and quick ways to “revive” WhatsApp that has stopped working on your phone.


WhatsApp, like other apps, doesn’t always work.

Why WhatsApp doesn’t work

There are several possible reasons why WhatsApp does not work on your smartphone at one time or another. Fortunately, they can all be fixed relatively quickly. If the app crashes, you are unable to send messages, or you have other problems, just follow the tips below to get back in touch.

WhatsApp crash

If WhatsApp doesn’t work on your Android phone, the first thing to do is check if the problem is on your side or WhatApp. You can do this by visiting one of the websites that report that WhatsApp is down and in which countries. You can visit this, this, this or this website.

If one (or all) of the websites claim that the service is not working in your country, there is nothing you can do but wait until WhatsApp fixes the problem. Unfortunately, interruptions in WhatsApp and other popular services are not uncommon.


Sometimes you press, but nothing happens.

Connecting your smartphone to the Internet

If there are no reports of WhatsApp crashes, the problem should be on your side. To try and fix this, the first thing to do is check the most commonplace things. It’s worth starting with connecting your smartphone to the Internet.

First turn off wifi and then turn it back on to see if that helps. Try visiting a random internet website or playing a YouTube video to see if there is a problem with your connection.

If you do not have access to the Internet at all, you may be too far from the router or you are experiencing other problems. If the matter is in the cellular operator and you are sure that there is reception in this place, try restarting your smartphone or turn on airplane mode for at least a few seconds. If it doesn’t work, the problem may be in the SIM card or the device itself.


Many people run from WhatsApp to Telegram, but not because it works more stable.

Stopping WhatsApp and clearing the cache

If WhatsApp is still not working, then force stopping and clearing the cache on your device may help resolve the issue. A forced stop will restart all processes, and clearing the cache gets rid of temporary files stored in the application.

To perform a forced stop, go to the settings of your device and click “Applications”. Then scroll down until you find WhatsApp, open it and click the Force Stop button at the top of the screen. To clear the cache, tap the Storage option and then select the Clear cache option. Once this is done, launch WhatsApp and check if it works as expected.

Sometimes the error in the application is not related to external factors, but to the application itself. This also applies to WhatsApp. The best way to update it to the latest version is by going to Google Play and tapping on My Apps & Games. Then you need to click the “Update” button next to WhatsApp, if available.

If that doesn’t work or an update isn’t available, it’s best to uninstall the app from your device and then reinstall it.


Do you use WhatsApp? Or have you chosen another messenger?

How WhatsApp works with VPN

there is VPN has its advantagesbut sometimes they only get in the way. They allow you to hide your online identity, bypass regional content restrictions for services like Netflix, and access WhatsApp in countries where it is not available. However, VPN may be the reason why WhatsApp is not working for you.

Sometimes this can affect the operation of the entire service, and sometimes only some of its functions, but this effect is common. Therefore, if WhatsApp does not work for you, just try turn off VPN. Most likely, this can help.

If all these tips did not help, then the difficulties are much more global and they will be solved by specialists. 99.9% local problems with WhatsApp solve the tips above.

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iPhone 13 Pro: Force restart if device does not respond



1640377784 iPhone 13 Pro Force restart if device does not respond

The new iPhone 13 models are here and with them some users get their first iPhone without a home button in their hands. This also changes various gestures and functions. An example of this is forcing a restart, which is performed differently than it was just a few years ago.

If you switch from an iPhone 8 or iPhone SE (2nd generation) to a current iPhone model, you will quickly notice a lot of changes. In addition to the new gestures for returning to the home screen or opening the control center, the missing home button should be particularly noticeable. In the past, this controlled various functions such as Siri, the one-handed mode or the forced restart. The latter works completely differently with the new models and has a small side effect along the way. But one after another.

iPhone 13 (all models): How to force restart

Without a home button, Apple had to come up with a new alternative to force the devices to restart. The way is much more complex than before. While on the older models you only had to hold down the home button together with the power button, it now requires a small key combination. To restart an iPhone 13, briefly press the volume up button and release it again. Then press the volume down button in the same way. Finally, hold down the side button (power button) until the Apple logo appears on the display. You should not pay attention to any displays or changes on the screen during the processor.
Short version: Force restart the iPhone 13

  • Briefly press the volume up button
  • Briefly press the volume down button
  • Press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

Quickly deactivate Face ID on the iPhone 13

Apple has integrated a function in iOS to quickly turn off Face ID. This means that it is not possible for other people (police, etc.) to unlock your iPhone by holding it in your face. To do this, simply press and hold a volume button together with the side button until your iPhone vibrates briefly but quickly. Then press either “Cancel” or the Page button again. Thanks to the vibration, you can also deactivate it in your pocket and know that it worked.

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macOS Big Sur: Disable search suggestions in Safari – here’s how



1640377497 macOS Big Sur Disable search suggestions in Safari heres

Web browsers these days have a lot of cool features and capabilities that should make our life easier. Apple Safari is certainly no exception.

A lot is offered with many nice gimmicks such as the reading list or the reader display. Searching the net is also simple and can be started directly in the address bar. However, not every user wants the search suggestions equally, so we’ll show you how to disable the search suggestions in Safari.

Search engine suggestions can be scary at times. Thanks to the strong network, you now know exactly what we want to look for and then have the right answer ready before we could actually put the question to the end. This of course also has the advantage that we can get to our goal very quickly with these complex search algorithms and thus save a lot of time. But if you are one of those people who forego this convenience and want to increase data protection, we would be happy to explain how you can deactivate the search suggestions in Safari.

macOS Monterey: How to turn off search suggestions in Safari

Step 1: First open the Safari browser on the Mac, if you have not already done so. This is either located directly in the dock or can also be reached there via the “Programs” folder.

step 2: Now click on “Safari” in the menu bar at the top of the screen and select “Settings”.

step 3: Then select the “Search” tab.

Step 4: You will then see a drop-down menu with the search engine – this is Google by default – and under it it says: “Include search engine suggestions”. Uncheck this entry.

Step 5: Below that you can remove the check mark in front of “Include Safari suggestions”.

Step 6: Now close the Safari settings menu and surf the web as usual with Safari.

If you would like to see more tips and tricks of this kind in the future, please let us know. Write a comment or leave us a post on our Facebook page.

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Apple ID: iOS 15 allows resetting with friends and family



1640376902 Apple ID iOS 15 allows resetting with friends and family

If you lose access to your Apple ID, it’s a very messy business. It literally holds the Apple universe together. You can use it to make purchases from Apple, the App Store or the iTunes Store, manage your app subscriptions, access your iCloud data and much more. Fortunately, since iOS 15 you don’t need a second device of your own to reset your Apple ID and set a new password. The new operating system allows you to define a contact who, if necessary, can confirm your identity and thus give you access to your data again. Of course, you should think carefully about who is eligible for this position. This can be your best friend or family member. These should also have an iPhone or iPad with iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 and be older than 13 years.

How to set a reset contact for your Apple ID

Your Apple ID is not lost right away because you forgot your password. Establish a special “emergency contact” beforehand that will give you access to your Apple account again. To do this, open the Settings app and tap on your profile at the top before you select “Password & Security”. Then tap on “Account recovery”. Now select the option “Add contact”. Read the information about the function carefully. In the next step, you may be asked to update your devices. You can then specify a contact from your family group or from your contact list. You will only see qualified contacts. After your selection, a message will be sent to the selected person informing them of their new position.

How to remove a reset contact from your Apple ID

If you no longer want a certain person to allow you to reset your Apple ID, you can revoke this at any time. To do this, open the settings and tap on your Apple account at the top. Then select “Password & Security> Account Recovery”. Now tap on the person’s name and select “Remove contact”. The removed contact will be automatically notified of the change.
notice: The function is only available if all of your devices are running at least iOS 15, iPadOS 15, tvOS 15 and watchOS 8. Make sure of this beforehand or remove the devices from your Apple ID if an update is not possible.

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