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5 reasons to buy realme X3 SuperZoom. And not just for photography

by Jeff Tucker


The most powerful processor, periscopic zoom and shooting of the starry sky, double front camera, 120 Hz screen – until recently, an indecent lot of money had to be paid for a smartphone with such a set of functions, but realme is changing the rules of the game.

Realme X3 SuperZoom review

The fiercest battles for the attention and wallets of buyers are unfolding on the border of the middle and high price segments. Young and daring smartphone brands are setting trends in the functionality of devices that will not be ruinous to buy, but will offer technologies that until recently were considered appropriate only in the most expensive smartphones. For example, realme X3 SuperZoom, although it was created with an eye on the enthusiasts of mobile photography, does not limit users in games and content consumption due to the powerful filling, technological screen and good autonomy. We tell you why it is worth taking realme X3 SuperZoom and what opportunities its customers will get. But first, let’s get to know this model in dry numbers.

Realme X3 SuperZoom review

Specifications realme X3 SuperZoom

Operating system: Android 10, proprietary shell realme UI 1.0

Display: 6.6 inches, IPS, 2400×1080 pixels (Full HD +), 120 Hz, Gorilla Glass 5

CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus

Graphics: Adreno 640

RAM: 8 or 12 GB LPDDR4X

Storage device: 128 or 256 GB, UFS 3.0

Memory card support: no

Main camera:

wide-angle (26 mm) 64 MP, Samsung ISOCELL Bright GW1, f / 1.8

periscopic (124 mm) 8 MP, f / 3.4, optical zoom 2x and 5x, hybrid zoom 10-60x

ultra wide-angle (16mm) 8 MP, f / 2.3

macro camera 2 MP, f / 2.4, focusing at a distance of 4 cm


32 MP, wide-angle lens, Sony IMX616, f / 2.5 aperture

8 MP, ultra wide-angle lens, f / 2.2

Communication: LTE, two Nano SIM cards

Wireless connections: Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5, NFC

Safety: fingerprint scanner in the power button, face unlock

Water and Dust Resistant: no

Connectors: USB Type-C

Battery: 4200 mAh, fast charging Dart Charge

Dimensions and weight: 163.8 x 75.8 x 8.9 mm, 202 g.

No suite, but style

If we compare the appearance of smartphones with fashionistas, some models seem to be dressed from the Central Department Store – cool, but sometimes pointlessly expensive. The exterior of the realme X3 SuperZoom looks like it would be in charge of a new generation – pragmatic millennials and buzzers with their responsible consumption and dexterous combinations of practical Asos with luxury Farfetch. Front and back glass, but the frame is made of plastic stylized as a metal. The choice of such a material for the perimeter of the case, I would call it successful: it is resistant to scratches and light impacts, reduces the overall weight and has a positive effect on cost. And the cons? I don’t even know, unless someone will not like the fact that there is no metal in the perimeter.

There are two color schemes, and both of them are inspired by the Arctic, as the manufacturer says about it. You can choose from a white case, iridescent in pearlescent shades with a hint of polar snow, or a deep blue color dedicated to ice, which also plays effectively in the light. Classic calm colors such as black or solid white are not provided. Of the interesting things, it is worth noting the finishing of the glass panel for the back. Unlike most smartphones on the market, it is not glossy, which provides a massive boost in ergonomics. High-precision abrasive processing visually gives a matte texture and makes the smartphone significantly less slippery to the touch than when using smooth glass. I really liked this solution, both from an aesthetic point of view, and in terms of practicality. A tip for the sloppy: scratches and prints on such a case will be less visible. You can skip buying a cover and do without using the complete one.

Convenient from all sides

Twisted in hands realme X3 SuperZoom, pay attention that in terms of ergonomics there is nothing to complain about. With a fairly large screen diagonal, it was possible to maintain an acceptable width of the case and a comfortable grip without the use of questionable displays with curved edges. The fingerprint scanner is not built into the screen (this is the prerogative of OLED), but it is integrated into the power button, which is much more convenient than the location on the rear panel. The volume keys on the left side are placed exactly under the finger. The four-chamber main module is solid, but not dramatically bulging out of the body. In addition, there is practically no visual debris on the back: the logo looks neat and is placed in the lower corner of the body, next to the camera there is an almost invisible inscription AI Quad Camera without unnecessary information about the characteristics of sensors and optics.

On the underside, the main speaker is to the right of the USB Type-C connector, so holding the smartphone with your little finger while using with one hand will not block it. And in the place where the finger touches there is a tray for two SIM-cards. However, it is not very convenient for left-handers. The front panel is almost completely occupied by the display, which is covered with a protective film out of the box. In the upper left corner is the dual module of the dual front camera, although it is quite large, it does not greatly interfere with games and when viewing content. And when you turn on the unlocking on the face around the front camera, a cool blue animation of “recognition” of the user will shine. It seems like a trifle, but it looks cool.

Screen – not OLED, but top

The realme X3 SuperZoom has a 6.6-inch display with a resolution of 2400×1080 pixels (Full HD +). Matrix type – IPS, with all the typical advantages and disadvantages of this technology. The aspect ratio is 20: 9, the pixel density is approximately 400 ppi, and the screen-to-face ratio is 90.5%. Durable Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is used to resist scratches and bumps. The display has an excellent factory calibration, so the color reproduction is in order. The contrast is high, the viewing angles are maximum, the stock of brightness is enough for use in the sun. In general, the basic characteristics of the screen are excellent, there is nothing to complain about.

The most interesting thing is the refresh rate of 120 Hz. At the same time, the smoothness of the interface is noticeably different from the usual 60 Hz screens of smartphones, although the payment for this comes with a greater load on the battery. In the settings, you can choose between the always-on 60 or 120 Hz modes, or rely on the algorithms and leave the hybrid mode, when the realme UI 1.0 operating system will choose the most suitable refresh rate.

Performance without limits, autonomy without life at the outlet

The 7nm Snapdragon 855 Plus processor with Adreno 640 graphics is responsible for the performance. In addition, fast memory types are used: dual-channel RAM, 8 or 12 GB LPDDR4X, and the drive has UFS 3.0 standard and HPB & Turbo data recording technologies developed by realme engineers. As a result, the download speed of applications reaches 1500 Mbps. Synthetic tests in Antutu show more than 500,000 points for this smartphone, and even after prolonged use, the case heating is almost not felt. Responsible for the latter is an updated liquid cooling system that completely covers the main sources of heating. In general, with the gaming capabilities, everything is super not only at the moment, but there is also a cool reserve for the future. You can race in Real Racing 3 with the 120 Hz mode on, the smartphone shows itself well in games such as Fortnite, World of Tanks, Vainglory, and League of Legends: Wild Rift is already looming on the horizon, and for sure it will also be possible to set the maximum graphics settings there. …

Realme X3 SuperZoom review

The realme X3 SuperZoom has a 4200 mAh battery, taking into account the screen and a powerful processor, this is not a record figure and at maximum load the percentages can quickly move towards an unpleasant zero, but the support for fast charging Dart Charge in this model literally works wonders. The included 30W adapter allows you to charge the realme X3 SuperZoom up to 100% in just 55 minutes, so even a short connection of the smartphone to the outlet will give a significant increase in charge and help to keep it going for a long time. In addition, Dart Charge generates a high level of current at low voltage, as a result, the adapter and smartphone do not suffer from overheating.

Six cameras are the main thing in this model. And you can even film the Milky Way!

The realme X3 SuperZoom quad camera, which is clear from the model name, is one of the most interesting technical solutions. The main module is wide-angle (26 mm) 64 MP, Samsung ISOCELL Bright GW1 with f / 1.8 aperture. Additionally, you can turn on the AI ​​mode to improve the pictures with software algorithms, but you can not use it – the photo quality is excellent in any case.

Realme X3 SuperZoom review

The ultra-wide-angle (16 mm) camera received an 8 MP sensor, f / 2.3 aperture, and optical stabilization, the viewing angle when shooting with it is 119 °. The periscope (124 mm) camera with a resolution of 8 MP and aperture of f / 3.4 provides 2x or 5x optical zoom, and the hybrid zoom is available from 10x to 60x. The fourth module is responsible for macro photography, the resolution is only 2 megapixels, but you can shoot small objects from a distance of only 4 cm.

The shooting modes available for the main camera are ultra-night mode for shooting in low light, “expert” with manual selection of parameters, portrait mode for shooting people, macro photography, ultra-wide-angle mode, AI-scene recognition, Chroma Boost, filters for color correction, and Time- lapse, HDR and panorama.

The most interesting mode in a smartphone is “Starry Sky”. To learn how to photograph the light of the stars with a smartphone camera, realme brought together a team of 50 testers, developers, hardware and algorithm specialists to develop a new technology. Moreover, they worked on the regime not only in laboratories, but also tested the shooting of the night sky in different parts of the world. “Star Mode” solves two main problems of shooting the starry sky with a smartphone camera: it removes the trails of the stars with a long exposure (which is more than 4 minutes) and reduces the amount of noise that appears in low light.

The camera automatically focuses on the distant parts of the starry sky, after which the algorithm takes more than 10 long exposure shots, and then the frames are combined. At the end, the algorithm produces a result with balanced brightness and less noise. Star Mode works with a main 64-megapixel camera and a 5x telephoto periscope lens. The main one is suitable for shooting a panorama of the starry sky and the Milky Way, and the telephoto lens is suitable for shooting individual constellations, for example, Ursa Major or Lyra. For shooting, you will need a tripod, a cloudless sky, no light pollution from large cities or the moon in the frame, and astronomical applications with maps of the starry sky can also be useful.


The dual selfie camera received a main Sony IMX 616 sensor with a resolution of 32 MP, a five-element lens and an f / 2.5 aperture. The viewing angle is 80.4 °. The second module is used for group selfies or to capture not only yourself, but also to capture as much interesting as possible in the background. The sensor resolution here is 8 megapixels, the aperture is f / 2.2, and the viewing angle is increased to 105 °. Available shooting modes: wide-angle, time-lapse, panorama, beautification, ultra-night mode and portrait with background blur. The quality of the photos is excellent, there are no questions about the smartphone’s selfie camera, and the use of a double module expands the possibilities of shooting in different scenarios.

What else is worth learning about the realme X3 SuperZoom? Of the minuses, there are no stereo speakers and protection from water and dust. On the plus side – the current Bluetooth 5.1 module and the fastest Wi-Fi 6 are installed, there is support for Hi-Res Audio and the AptX codec for high-quality sound transmission without wires, Dolby Atmos is declared, and a Super Linear dual microphone works for high-quality noise reduction during calls. Except for the little things, in the realme X3 SuperZoom we get a smartphone with a cool mix of technologies from the flagships of the past and this year, but at a price at the level of middle + class smartphones.

As a result, realme X3 SuperZoom should be advised not only for photography enthusiasts, as the name of this model clearly hints at, but also for buyers who expect to get a cool product in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics, or a powerful device for games and other entertainment.

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