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5 cool features of old mobile phones, which are not in modern smartphones



At the beginning of the “zero”, before the era of touch gadgets, we all used ordinary push-button phones, which had a lot of interesting features that evoke a warm feeling of nostalgia. Of course, those devices are inferior to the current ones in all parameters, but for their time they were the best examples of consumer electronics.

The following is a short list of some features of older mobile phones that modern smartphones do not have:

1. Mirror for Selfie

This design element is especially common in clamshells and is located below or above the camera lens on the back cover. Actually, taking a selfie with such a mirror and a physical shutter button was much easier than on a modern smartphone using a main camera.

2. Interchangeable cases

Today, buyers literally have to hunt for the rare iPhone 11 Pro Max in a new dark green case, and some 15 years ago, many phones could change color at least three times a day. To do this, it was enough to buy inexpensive replacement panels and change your gadget as you get tired of a particular shade.

3. Coaxial connector

All users wondered why almost every phone has this strange interface, and the most likely rumor was information about the possibility of connecting a camera through it. In fact, this connector is designed for an external antenna that amplifies the GSM signal, which, as we remember, could not be caught even within the city.

4. Fastening for a lace

Today’s young people would be very surprised if one of the leading manufacturers of smartphones made holes in the body of the new device, and not so long ago many people used it for its intended purpose. Laces of different colors and sizes were attached to this small hole, which could be worn around the neck or wound on the arm.

5. Camera protection

Now manufacturers protect the camera lens with durable glass, which they can only create, while the module is still quickly covered with micro-scratches, and in older smartphones it often gets dust. Previously, a movable plastic “curtain” was often used to protect the lens, which was pushed aside and thus launched the camera application on the phone.

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